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    Has anyone done this?

    It does look wonderful!
  2. I am looking for a photographer that does this in edmonton or area in alberta, anyone have any suggestions?
  3. So here is my current Dilema........ I am divorced and have a nine year old daughter from my first marriage. My furture Hubby and I now have a two year old daughter. I would really like to include them in the ceromony as our marriage is more then just about to two of us. I will have my girls go down the isle and lay a petal blanket, then they will be coming back and walking down with me. My nine year old will have the rings in some sort of sea shell I still have to find. BUT I would like for my hubby to give my nine year old a ring maybe and say something like he is taking her too to love, honor and cherish, type of thing...... And then I thought we could both give the two year old maybe a matching ring to the nine year olds and say something about us being officially a bonded family now........ Does anyone have any suggestions on wording or how I can make the very special and meaningful to all of us without it being cheasy or taking away from my hubby and I??
  4. Tammy34

    Anything Maui

    Some other suggestions Whale watching is amazing!!!!!! The aqaurium is wonderful! There is an amusement park by the aqaurium for anyone trraveling with kids! Bring your bathing suits to the park!
  5. Tammy34

    What to do after reception?

    Ok Ladies here is my update. I have been to Maui twice, my soon to be in laws have gone every year for about ten years. They almost always stay at Komole Sands condo's. That is where we stayed both times, and will be staying for our wedding trip too. Also while my inlaws were down there last Jan. they checked out the golf course and Seawatch and said it was wonderful!!!!! So, that is where we have booked. I am really looking forward to the privacy, and from the pics and the chats with my mom in law it is beautiful! We will leave and go the beach just my hubby, and two kids for a bit. I have been working with Susan and America at the golf course, does anyone know anything about these ladies, they seem good so far...... We don't have our photgrapher or hair and make up people booked yet, need to get on this, any suggestions? We are getting the dance floor, it is expensive, but seems like the thing to do, I think we will go to the bars by the shops, further down in Kihei after 10 when the golf course reception ends.. My bday is Jan 12, Our wedding is the 13, and my hubby's bday is the 14. So we will go to a luou on the 14th for J's bday. Since my mom and our kids are staying with us in our condo, We are debating getting a room somewhere for our wedding night, but then when you look at the price, not sure it is worth it? We might just have to farm them all out with the othere friends and family for that night! lol Anyone have any tips
  6. Tammy34

    Hawaii Brides Roll Call!

    Tammy Jan. 13, 2009 I am curious as to who other people are using or have used for photogrphers and hair and make up?? Any one have any recomdations? Looking mostly in the Keihi area.........
  7. Great pics, thanks for sharing, does anyone recommend a good photgrapher for this in the edmonton, alberta area
  8. Carolena7 where did you get this box, I LOVE IT!!!!!
  9. Tammy34

    Hawaii Brides Roll Call!

    Tammy Jan. 13, 2009 Maui
  10. Tammy34


    We have also booked our reception there for Jan. 09. Heard nothing but wonderful things. My mother in law checked it out while they were there this past Jan, and brought home pictures. It is Wonderful!
  11. Tammy34

    Any Maui Brides????

    HI there! My name is Tammy, I am 34. AND NEWLY ENGAGED!!!! We have decided to get married Jan. 2009 In Maui! So I am looking to find out if anyone has used any of the wedding planners in Maui, and their reviews. Also anyone that has been or is getting married in Maui, ANY ideas, tips or suggestions. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! TAM