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one of our groomsman is really funny...

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Great costumes Rachel!! I really love pirate stuff - books, movies, the ride at Disneyland LOL If I could go back in time I would love to be a pirate of the caribbean!

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
FI and I decided to buy the GM's linen pants and linen shirts so we sent out an email to them the other day to get their sizes. On of our GM is really funny and him and my FI have this long (like 10yrs) running joke about pirates (don't know why) so instead of replying with just his sizes, he sent me this email...

I was planning on wearing this...

Click the image to open in full size.

But I guess I'll wear what you want... geesh..

32 regular pantaloons

Medium shirt, and gold chain.

HAHAHAH my FI and I are thinking of getting him an eye patch to wear at the reception as a joke!
That is hysterical!

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