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Christmas Eve

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And by Christmas Eve, I mean the crack of dawn in the morning on Christmas Eve because we were working 4pm to 1am at the time.


I have always been a Christmaholic and decorate our house so that it glitters like the north star. Poor Hiram tolerates it and spends the month from Thanksgiving to Christmas dodging tinsel.


We got home from work at about 1:45am on December 24th and decided that we should probably do our gift giving with each other then because we knew we would need time to wind down before going to bed. Both H and I have divorced parents so our holidays are very rarely spent together because we have so many families to visit. Since we knew we would have to get up at a reasonable hour (as compared to our usual days off on this shift) to head to our respective families' for Christmas Eve celebrations, we thought this would be the best time to exchange gifts.


Now this was also the first year that we had enough of an income to spoil each other with gifts so our tree was littered with junk we had purchased for one another. That alone made it exciting enough.


Anyway, we had talked about getting engaged for some time but nothing ever really came of it. So I hand Hiram his last present (nintendo DS handheld with a few games) and after he opens it and squeals like a little boy, he hands me my last gift. So the box is deceiving, much lighter than it appeared it should be and this should have given it away, but I'm pretty blonde sometimes. Anyway, I unwrap it and find a box for a 19" flat screen monitor and giggle like a school girl. So when I bust the thing open, I'm truly disappointed to find a smaller box and not a monitor. Poor Hiram must have been devastated.


So I unwrapped the second box and there was a third, much, much smaller box. Now most girls would be busting at the seams to see a small ring box, but I know Hiram is a joker and I'm still feeling pessimistic. As I begin unwrapping the last little box I see him dropping to his knee out of the corner of my eye and he asks if I would give him the honor of spending the rest of my life with him.


And here we are!

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