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    Posted 28 June 2008 - 06:15 PM

    this is something I had trouble deciding too. we have a video camera, but I didn't want to ask a guest to film the whole time. The videographer was all over the place & has such a steady hand. I know that a guest would not have done the same. plus I didn't want anyone to have to work during our wedding.

    We paid $500 plus a $100 deposit I had put towards my original photographer. It was just 2 hours of video. Enough to get the ceremony, group picture & some romantic shots after. As soon as the ceremony was over I realized that I will be so happy I got a video. I really want to relive the cermony. It went by so fast.

    I really want to see the guests during the ceremony. I kept wanting to look back at them. So if a guests does it for you, you might want someone willing to get up in the front & shot in that direction. a non-pro might not be comfortable with that. the easiest thing would probably be to sit them on the front row.

    #12 PoeticJustice

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      Posted 01 July 2008 - 12:17 PM

      Originally Posted by para el amore
      We used the hotel videographer and for three hours we payed 498 and change. And the DVD is amazing, he edit and added music we loved it. Well worth the money. He did use microphones for the ceremony because of the wind. It's once in a life time get the professional.
      Hey Nikki,

      We are getting a professional videographer in Ochi for $500 for 5-6 hours I believe. This includes editing and setting the finished DVD to music :)

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        Posted 01 July 2008 - 12:51 PM

        I was considering not doing one, until I started watching all of the various videos of weddings online. Everytime I see one I tear up and get so excited with our upcoming wedding. I don't tear up over the pics though. So, I'm going with a basic package and asking one of our friends to record the front view of my daughter and his son as they walk down the aisle. I definitely want to capture my FI's face when he walks down the aisle.

        BTW- read your bio elsewhere and you look like you're going to have a fabo wedding. Love the yellow/white/black theme!

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          Posted 03 July 2008 - 03:11 PM

          Anyone know if there is any sort of videography and picture package that's incorporated into one?
          I think I would like both the photographer and the videographer.
          What worries me is your have to pay cash

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            Posted 05 July 2008 - 10:21 PM

            One of my BM brought her outdated camcorder and we had one of our guests record and everything turned out great. Make sure that the minister has a mic and that when reciting your vows, you all speak into the mic. Our camcorder lady (my friend Kim) was not afraid to get up in the mix and record. She would ask Michael if it was okay to barge in, and he said it was fine as long as she was not in any shots. She zoomed in and was in the gazebo during the sand ceremony and the signing...and recorded us while we were taking pics the whole time. She also went around to everyone and had them say something to the new bride and groom. The sound was great and there weren't any problems with the wind. The only background noise we heard was the waves crashing but it was subtle and soothing. When we got back we got one of our friends to edit the video into an actual dvd and it looks great. He also took the pics that Michael gave us on a CD and made another chapter of just our pics and music. It was a cheap and easy way to record such great memories, I would recommend this way to anyone. It was great and so funny because unlike pro people, my friend captured all of the candid moments and these weren't edited out... It was hilarious to watch. Just make sure you get a mic and tell whoever's recording to not be afraid to get in the mix. The music we had playing from our BOSE was also a nice touch because it was loud and clear and seemed as though it was added on to the DVD. Someone had our BOSE hooked up to the big speakers so it sounded just that much better...

            Save your money and have someone record it...the raw footage is to die for...lol

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