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Cap and Trade Tax!!!!!

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So what are your thought on the proposed "Cap and Trade Tax" on CO2 emissions? I'm sure that this will be a very interesting topic to discuss and I was curious where everyone stood on the topic. And you don't know about the Cap and Trade Tax I have listed a few BIPARTISAN view points.


I just wanted to open the discussion and in a later post I will let you know my thoughts. I didn't want to start the thread with a viewpoint because I want people to feel free to post their opinions or ask questions.


TaxVox: the Tax Policy Center blog :: Cap’n Trade: McCain Weighs In


You'll need to scroll down to read this one

Director’s Blog 2008 April


Take Action: Tell Congress: Stop a $1.2 Trillion Cap-and-Trade Tax Hike!


Global Climate Scam Blog Archive Massive “Cap-and-Trade” Tax Hike Could be Just Around the Corner





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