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We just got served......

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#81 MarieSam

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    Posted 06 June 2008 - 09:40 PM

    I am SOOOO glad to hear everything turned out well. Your fiance seems like a good man, but of course next to every good man there is an equally amazing woman =) And as a mother of a bright little 12-year-old myself, I know you must be beaming with pride that your daughter was able to carry and express herself so well in such a stressful situation.

    As for your ex-sister, hate to say it but she seems like a vengeful Biatch whose actions are so unwarranted and childish. Seems like she could learn a thing or two from your daughter about the proper way to carry onself. Just remember, Karma has away of balancing things out.

    Enjoy your weekend, celebrate, and hold your family close ~ I'm so relieved and happy for you!!!

    #82 beachbride09

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      Posted 06 June 2008 - 09:51 PM

      Celine - I am happy to hear that all the false accusations were proved FALSE!

      I can relate, personally, to your trauma.

      Not to be giving out the details of my FI past relationships, but his exe's "friend" accoused him of 'touching', and they, the police or court system, didn't try to let him defend himself (he had a lawyer and everything), and what's worse is this "friend" of his ex is a known chronic liar - she's made many false reports and calls to the police and 911 in the past.

      Sadly, his exe can't leave us alone either - she and her other "friend" constantly "stalk" my blog and other internet identities (ive actually had to create this persona so I won't be 'found', but whatever)

      It's sad really.

      But, I am happy to see you have a happy ending and you can move on with your life (and hopefully you ex-sis won't try to get involved).
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      #83 -Kate-

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        Posted 06 June 2008 - 10:36 PM

        I'm glad everything went well. I agree with Maria - make sure you get copies of the reports and case numbers. While this episode is over, you shouldn't let your guard down yet. Anyone who is crazy enough to actually call CPS and make accusations like this is not to be trusted in the least. You need to have your walls up to protect your family. Especially if you stop talking to your sis (which is the right thing to do). She might just get more pissed and make more accusations.
        I don't want to freak you out - I just want you to be protected in the future. If she calls, don't say a word - hang up. Don't respond to any emails. Keep paper trails of everything you can.

        And have another drink - you deserve it!

        #84 roo66

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          Posted 07 June 2008 - 07:19 AM

          celina what an awful experience for you to have to endure,im so glad it worked out for you all.enjoy your party today and chill.im loathe to mention your excuse of a sister in this post BUT WTF happens to her now.I would worry that she would not stop here and i would guess she may even be planning her next evil pursuit of your family.Do you think you ought to get some kind of protection for you all.Hows your dad coping with all of this?.As a parent myself i bet he feels responsible for the monster he helped create.Take care and enjoy your party where im sure the vodka will be freely flowing.xx

          #85 Celina

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            Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:06 AM

            Well - I went in to work yesterday and was bombarded with MORE information about my ex sister. I think the detective slipped when they called my FI out and told him he had to leave. They asked him why he thought he was there and he told them it probably had something to do with my sis. The detective told him, it was her sister Rachel and other sister Denise from out of town. FI says,"she doesn't have a sis Denise from out of town - she has a sis Monica who lives in Lakewood" - the detective says, "No, the person who called was Denise". FI shrugged it off and thought - oh whatever.

            I thought it was someone or one of my sis' skanky friends who she put up to doing this with. When we got home it struck me. I have an aunt Denise who lives out of town, but never in a million years would I think it was her. Her husband is my dads brother and I lived with them while in college. When I first said we were having a DW - she was the first on board and when my dad initially reacted and said he wasn't going - his brother said he would be there to walk me down the aisle. These are people whom I have always held in the highest regard and have had the utmost respect for.

            When my dad came over I told him and we were all like - Nah - not her. Come to find out it WAS her! (and skanky sis of course). My dad is SO Pissed! My silvery tongued snake of a sister (as FI calls her) convinced her that something bad was going on. Instead of calling me they did this!

            I guess a couple of weeks after my dad and us had our sit down conversation back in April, my uncle called and told my dad he heard rumors of the allegations. MY dad said - rest assured, there is nothing going on. He thought that was the end of the conversation. MY dad never told us because in his eyes nothing was going on and there was nothing to discuss.

            So after we told my dad about the "Denise" named that got dropped - he went home and called his brother and found out that she WAS involved. My uncle was stunned and very apologetic to my dad. My dad told him "You don't understand the magnitude of what she did to my family - she almost ruined their marriage - the lives of my grandkids - do you know what she did to my grand daughter?" I never see my dad get mad - and this is as mad as I've ever seen him. My dad said that by the time this is over with, my uncle and his wife and whoever else was involved is going to give us an apology - he will see to it.

            I think it finally hit my dad that my sis needs some serious help. He is SO HOT that his SIL got involved. I am SO hurt that someone I thought was so close to me would do something like this without asking questions and the fact that ANYONE in their right mind would think I would be with a pedophile. I was a single mom for almost 5 years before I met FI. I am not one of those girls that NEEDS a man!

            I think the whole thing has brought FI and I closer to my dad. We'll see how the rest of the weekend turns out. I've got to go frost cupcakes before my little guy wakes up and smells frosting! I just thought I would give another update.

            Thank you all for your kind words. FI reads the forum and feels so good to have people on our side. BTW - some of you mentioned a no contact order with my ex-sis - yes - I'm sure that will happen. Yes - we plan on getting copies of whatever they can give us regarding this investigation when it is all over with.

            I am off to enjoy the warm sunny weather here today and celebrate my children with my friends and family! I hope to be back in wedding mode sometime here soon. Lord knows I got lots to do!

            Hugs and kisses!
            Celina, FI and kiddos :)
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