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I agree with Morgan's idea. I don't want this to sound mean, but if I got a STD with just a month and a year, I'd be like OK, that's not very helpful because there's 31 possible days that could be chosen.


A few other members have asked about this as well. If you do a search you'll see more responses.

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I like Morgan's idea of wedding announcement!


We did a STD that was more of a Save-the-Week. We knew what week we wanted to travel and had an idea of our top 2 days for the actual wedding.... but were not abel to confirm anything at the time. We knew we wanted Jamaica... and were pretty sure about ROR... but weren't 100% sure. We wanted to give our guests at least a years notice.... so here is the magnet we sent:

Click the image to open in full size.

We also included a letter that explained the situation a bit more that included our hopeful wedding dates and that we were leaning towards Ocho Rios and ROR. We gave them our wedding website which we updated as things progressed. I think most of our guests liked the way we did it.

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