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Nylalany's Reviews Part 3 - Al Cielo Wedding - Vendors & Wedding (Riviera Maya)

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I almost got mine at 23rd street b/c I saw that similar design there - but a) they had a 6 month wait and we wanted our "official" engagement to be earlier than that, and B) they were rude to me when I explained what modifications I wanted, saying they wouldn't do them. So I took my original photos to Peter Norman in Brentwood and he was amazingly enthusiastic and wonderful. But I love 23rd Street's jewelry!


Yeah, the Wholefoods is insane. But good for the area for sure! Hope to see/meet you,



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I ended up having my cousin's husband marry us in a symbolic Jewish ceremony. My husband isn't Jewish anyhow, and I'm sure I could have probably found a rabbi in CA to marry us since we're planning on raising our kids as Jewish, but since I didn't actually have a rabbi I am personally close to (I seem to try different services every year on the high holidays, and that is about it), I felt that I'd prefer to have someone who could conduct a more meaningful ceremony. We still did the blessing over wine, chuppah explanation, shmah, reading of the ketubah, a version of the 7 blessings (my friend wrote a 7 blessing like poem), and the breaking of the glass.


We also got officially married in LA by a friend of the family (a judge). Both the judge and the cousin's husband are Jewish, fi that counts for anything.


I think someone mention that the rabbi in Cancun is orthodox, but that there is a cantor who officiates weddings in the area. Otherwise, maybe fly one in?

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