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I did a search for this and didn't find anything, so I apologize if there's already a thread.


I'm going to do pocket-fold STD's but I want to have the inserts printed and assemble the whole thing myself. Does anyone know of a good printer who will do this for me? I'm going to try to design them myself but if I get too frustrated I might have the vendor do it for me. Any suggestions?? I'm up for any ideas.




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kate, i bought my pocketfolds from cardsandpockets.com, and on their website you can buy pre-cut inserts but you have to print them yourself. i found that designing them myself in powerpoint and then printing 3 per sheet and cutting myself was the easiest way to go, (actually jason designed the map one), but i did use the measurements they listed for their inserts for designing and cutting them, so i knew how big/long to make each one.


also, i'm thinking kinkos may be a big help if you design your own and have them print them for you.. maybe go there and ask a bunch of questions first?


i did the signature size, and made the inserts 3.5" wide, they fit perfect in the 4" pocket of this size, i was able to fit 3 inserts on each 8 1/2"x11" sheet of cardstock.

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I don't think there is a link addressing the printing issue specifically. So this is definitely a good question. I haven't started mine yet, but I did put this thread up about a couple of really good sites for diy pocketfold invites. The first one tells you how to do it, however, it is in Publisher. The other I don't recall what it specifically said since I wasn't making the actual folder (that website shows how to make the folder too).


But, if you don't have Publisher and the second site doesn't say. I can only suggest printing 2 inserts on one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and test how it comes out. The website for Cards and Pockets suggest you can use 3.5" wide or 4.75" wide inserts. So if you did the 3.5" you should be able to get 2 on one sheet. I hope this is a little help for you. Good Luck! I'll search around and see if I can find something for you just in case!



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