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That is exactly what we are trying to figure out.

We had 28 guests at the wedding and invited 100 I think. Most of our family and a lot of our close friends were unable to make the trip. So we are trying to figure out what to do at home.....

however, if 1 more person asks when we are having it I am going to scream.

I had my bridal shower a week before the wedding and haven't even sent out Thank you's yet...and I am having a nervous breakdown about it right now.

Thank God it is going to be a nasty day tomorrow and I am locking myself in the house and doing them all.


For the AHR my husband wants to rent a house in our town, but on the water so that there is a place for his side of the family to stay (they are all about 4+ hours away from us) and where everyone else can come and hang out at the beach and use the boats and play. Then have a cookout of sorts one of the nights.

I would rather do the same thing, but at a friend's house (which is free) and they live on a lake where boats and beach can still be used, but we can get a tent and a DJ if we want and have a bartender and all that.

So right now I am trying to convice him, but will I win?


What is everyone else doing? I didn't want to do a hall thing, because that is not us and we would have not done a destination wedding if that is what we were going to do in the first place.

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My FI and I are also doing an AHR. We are going to send out an invitation for our guests to attend the DW. The guests respond to a travel agent who keeps track of the number of people booked. We will also include a STD magnet and postcard for the AHR. This way our guests can send back the postcard and post the magnet on the fridge.

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