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  1. Just wondering how many ladies are wearing their wedding dress at their AHR? I'm on the fence about wearing it, even though I LOVE my d
  2. We are waiting 4 months, we are getting married in Mexico in February and doing our AHR when it's nice out in June at his bar. We will have a buffet with drinks and dancing, just a "Party" for everyone who couldn't make it, after all that's what a lot of people look forward to is the party. I am not wearing my dress again, but I don't think waiting months after you are married is a wrong thing to do. HTH!!!
  3. I really like them, they look great. But what are they used for? Sorry if this is a dumb question!
  4. WOW!! After reading all of this, I think I am sooooo far behind!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Do you know the style name or number of the dress by chance? No I don't, but I have the paperwork at home, and I'm sure it has it on there. It wasn't on the dress when I took the picture which I was surprized there were no style name or number on it.
  6. I bought this dress off the rack b/c they were discontinuing it. I found "the one" dress so I no longer need this one. This would be a great TTD dress, but my FI isn't into all the pictures I would sell this dress for $100.00 or best offer! Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. Thank you ladies!! I will post pictures of the final product together!!
  8. I loved the colored changing cups that TVT had and really loved the Koozies that Kat81 had made.....So I emailed Pens Promotional, Pens Personalized, Inexpensive Pens Personalized, Cheap Imprinted Pens,Customized Pens and Custom Beer Bottle openers by Vendo Direct.com and asked what the dimentions were to see if the stadium cups would fit in the koozes. He replyed yes with a little work, but said the 12 oz would fit better. I asked him if the color changing cups came in the 12 oz and he said yes and here is his response: Yes, please use this link: Custom Color Changing Mood Stadium Cups in the "Comments or Instructions:" line, just above the add to cart button, please type in 12 ounce cups. I was just letting everyone know if they are interested in doing the cups with the koozies. I can't wait!!!
  9. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday and they have there pump soaps (all collections) on sale 7 for $20. Sale ends September 2nd. It works out to be less than $3 each. I think they make great gifts!!
  10. They look great! We are so going to do them now!!! ~Thanks!
  11. Morning Ladies, I emailed Alejandra about the Photographer seeing that our wedding is six moths away. Just to ask her who she recommends with our ultimate package that we are selecting. Here is her respose: Actually we have a corporative photographer, enclose you will find the information about him. I did email a girl who has used him before, she picked another photographer, she said there was three to choose from but got Juan the day of. But she liked him and said he did a nice video too! HTH! JUAN_NAVARRO[1].doc
  12. Hi ladies, I found that Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor has great travelor photos if you type in secrets capri and click on the reviews then to the right, the option to "view travelor photos". So that way at least you get to see real photos. HTH!!
  13. We went to Secrets Capri this past February 2008, we are getting married February 2009. I have pictures, you can email me if you want to see any of them. christineanddoug2909@hotmail.com
  14. I have always emailed her any of my questions, and she usually takes a day or two to respond. I don't think that's too long to respond, I know she is probably busy. HTH!
  15. Can anyone give me a website to order boxes to ship my invites in? I am using a starfish and don't want it to get smashed in the mail. Any help would be helpful. ~Thanks!
  16. We did and stayed four nights, and LOVED IT!! The people were great, I don't even think they know the work No there, they say yes my pleasure to everything. We loved the service, food, resort, everything! WE JUST LOVED IT!!! We are getting married there on February 9th 2009. We know that our guest will be happy there too!!
  17. Our TA recommended Royal and Secrets, I read the reviews on both on Trip Advisor and everyone seemed to have great reviews on Secrets. So we visited this past February Loved it, and am happy with our choice. HTH!!
  18. We are getting married there on 2/9/09. We went this February to check it out, and LOVED IT!!! Everything was top notch, the service, the food, and Alejandra the wedding cordinator.
  19. Welcome!!! We are doing Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun and it's all inclusive and adults only!!! We went to visit last February and LOVED IT!!!
  20. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE BOARDING PASS THREAD!!! This is so helpful (and long over due).... Thanks again!!!
  21. We are asking my sister (MOH) his sister, his brother (BM) and my brother this weekend to be in our wedding. We are all going to be together his weekend. For the girls I have a cute cookie (by cookie design) asking them to be in our wedding. I thought I should do SOMETHING for the guys, but don't know what. Just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for us to ask the guys? Thanks girls!!
  22. I was wondering the same thing, we are getting married at Secrets Capri on 2/9/09!!! If anyone has had their wedding there, I would love to see what you had to say about the hotel!!!
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