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Which type of music did you use for your beach ceremony???

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I just got a quote from a prospective wedding coordinator (Caribbean Blue Weddings), which was nice.


We want to have a beach ceremony with music other than a guitar or mariachis. The beach they use for ceremonies is the Playacar Phase I and apparently the possibility for music other than instrumental is impossible.


What type of music did you use for your beach ceremony? Did you have a portable PA? Did the musicians have amplifiers for their instrumentshuh.gif Did the person performing the ceremony have a microphone?


Ideas and opinions are very welcome!


****Highly considering The Royal in Playa del Carmen*****



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If you get married at the Royal, all that stuff is included. We got married at the sister resort next door and you can bring whatever music you want. We just brought ours on a CD and they played it. If you have musicians, I don't think they would need amplifiers because it would be loud enough, but I'm sure the WC will give you more details if you really want them to have amplifiers. There is a wireless microphone that the officiant can use. They have the speaker system all set up and everything is included in the cost of the ceremony. The musicians are extra though.

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I am getting married at The Royal on August14, 2008. We are trying to figure out what kind of music we want and we are having issues. We are having a mariachi band for our beach reception but for our ceremony, we were going to provide our own music. Does anyone know if they provide an ipod hookup or is it just a cd player? Once I get that answered, all that we have left to do is pick what songs we want.....that is what we are having a problem with. We don't want any of the standard wedding music. We are trying to come up with something different, something original. Does anyone have any suggestions? When I get back, I will post a trip report for all to read. Hopefully I will be of some help to everyone on the forums!

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