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Originally Posted by ladygrey View Post
No, I have yet to meet her, but looking forward to finally putting a face to the voice. I agree...she's been so great to work with...I'll let you know how everything goes when I return...it's hard to beleive the wedding is in two weeks...I get butterflies when I think about it...
I met her when I went down for my site visit last Sept. She is a true professional. We got to have lunch ith her and I felt like I got to know her a little. After meeting her I was sure I had to work with her. You won't be disappointed.

Originally Posted by ladygrey View Post
I just noticed you were from OC...what part?...I grew up in Huntington Beach and moved to the bay area about 10 years ago...I miss Socal A LOT!!!!
I'm now in north OC, Placentia to be exact. I grew up in Claremont, then moved to Newport when I was in college. I LOVED living by the beach, but when it came time to actually buy something, there's no way I could have afforded it sad.gif The bay area is really nice though!! I love San Fran...aside from the weather, everything else there is so beautiful!!

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