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  1. Ok girls, here's my last post. i MUST finish packing then try & get some sleep.. we leave around 6 am tomorrow morning. You guys are the best!! Planning this wedding has been so much easier when we can all share ideas. After the wedding we come back for less then 24 hours to unpack/repack then off to the honeymoon. it seems like i'm gonna be gone forever, we don't get back till July 6! My review and pics will be posted as soon as I can. Thanks soooo much!! Amy, i'll be looking for you to have that margarita on monday before we leave!!
  2. ok, so i woke up today with every intention of doing my planning post and saying my goodbyes MUCH earlier today....but the day flew!! So sorry girls that my planning post will have to wait until I get back, but I do plan on it. I have been taking pics (such a tease I know) of all my stuff as I'm packing. Thanks so much to all of you for so many wonderful ideas!! I have "borrowed" so many of them. Special thanks to my fellow Dreams girlies!! I'm going to miss you all but promise my delayed planning post, WITH pics and a detailed review when I get back. Wedding & honeymoon combined I'll be gone for about 3 weeks. i think i'm gonne feel job-less when i get back :-)
  3. I was looking for laser transfer paper too so i could print mine at work. I thought it would be quicker and better quality than my inkjet at home, but I couldn't find it either. I looked on-line and even asked at staples but they told me the transfer paper isn't made for laser printers. I just ended up printing them on my inkjet.
  4. I am using WIP as well for my wedding next week although my coordinator is Katie Thompson. She has been great to work with and I didn't find their prices to be any more than most of the other WC's. Look for my full review when I get back and once it's all said and done
  5. Have a great day Jessica!! Looking forward to pics when you get back!!
  6. I just got an email from my WC telling me all about this. I am trying not to freak. I agree it doesn't appear to be just the fault of Transcabo. We are using the company my WC suggested which is not Transcabo, so it is affecting ALL private transport companies. I had booked a bus to take all of my guests from Dreams to downtown for the rehearsal dinner, so now that is up in the air as well as the car that was supposed to pick up my photographer from the airport & bring him to the hotel. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be resolved by next week when I leave. All of my guests are booked on private transports to and from the airport too so this has the potential to be a huge PITA!!
  7. How exciting Amy, I feel like we are both getting ready to graduate or something since we've been planning our weddings for pretty much the same time. Everything you have done looks FABULOUS!!! You've done a great job! You're guests are going to be so impressed and you are going to be a beautiful bride!! I need to get on my planning post :-/
  8. Have a beautiful day!! Yippie for another Dreams bride
  9. Yippie!! so excited your time has come. You've done such a great job planning you will have a great time & your guests will be thrilled!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!
  10. Thanks Amy!! I am sooo printing this since I am starting to pack little by little.
  11. Congrats Jackie & welcome back!! Thanks for such a detailed review!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by amy&andy08 Ha! I'll tell them to leave their goodies in the rooms! I'm so pumped....we get into Cabo around 3:00 on the 22nd, so we will be able to catch a sneak peek at your ceremony I hope. We'll have to meet up on Monday for a cocktail if you are feeling up to it! i hope you do make it for a peek! i'm bummed i won't be there to see yours. i can't believe how close we are!! my head is totally spinning these days just trying to remember all the little things. heck yes i'll be up for a drink on monday, we leave in the late afternoon so i'll need to take advantage of my last day of unlimited alcohol!
  13. super cute amy! now let's hope your guests don't run into my guests and start comparing notes!! you'll put me to shame
  14. Your sand ceremony will be beautiful. Just curious, how long did it take to get your order? I leave in about two weeks and wonder if I'll get it in time? I know, I'm late, I just decided to incorporate the sand ceremony at the last minute!
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