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Sending out Wedding Announcements HELP!

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We are having an AHR in DH's hometown 8 hours away and probably not having one here b/c I don't want to plan/pay for ANOTHER thing! LOL! Anyways is it okay just to send out announcements of our marriage with a picture of us? Do I list our address? I don't want to seem like I am looking for presents because I'm not - I just want to let everyone know that we are married! Any help with wording? I did a search but so far nothing....

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This is what we are using. For those not invited to the AHR (not everyone is) we'll only go up to the location.


He slipped the ring on her finger

A promise made for life…

Join us as we share their joy

Now that they are man and wife.

Desiree XXXXX and Christopher XXXXXXX

Exchanged Wedding Vows on

January 17, 2009 in Cancun, Mexico

Not everyone could attend

So why does the party have to end?!

Please join us for a party to Honor the Newlyweds

April XX, 2009



Given By Paula & Al

RSVP March 31




*Celebrating with us is the greatest gift you could give! *

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We are sending out announcements (but not having an AHR)


I have decided to put a wedding picture on it with our wedding website. Our website will have a link to where they can see more pictures & our home address. That way if they do want to send something they don't have to track down our address, but it would seem like (or be) a request for gifts.


I'm going to make mine vista print postcards.

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