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Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post
I think that advising your friends NOT to rent a car here is absolutely over the top.



Matt - for someone who travels down there frequently and is savy with the authorities and the country - then perhaps handling the situation would be easy.


However, the guests that I advised to cancel their rental cars have never traveled outside of the US, and will only be commuting from the airport to the hotel and back - so I disagree that advising them to cancel their rental cars is over the top.


I think that everybody makes decisions based on their situations, and I would rather advise my guests to be safe than sorry. I know that being pulled over and intimidated would scare them and perhaps ruin their vacation. I would prefer to know that a reputible travel company transport them back and forth and they can just relax and not worry about such things.

Thats fine, if they are only going to stay in the hotel, then I can justify not renting a car. Thats totally practical. BUT, to mention it to every person who passes by...over the top. The bus actually is super cheap to the Playa bus station and a cab to the local hotel is also super cheap.


Its bad enough that people are tainted by the media's sensationalism on the drug war in Mexico....We have clients who mention that guests were hesitant or didnt come to mexico just because of whats been playing over and over on Fox news of CNN, to me its just along the same lines... We disagree with the news media for their intentions to warn would be travelers about Mexico (considering those cities in danger or having violence are thousands of miles away from the Riviera Maya)....


I say give more people the chance to drive to out to see a cenote, or travel to Coba or go to Tulum and let them have a car to do it in... Get out and do the shopping. Further, I couldnt imagine telling anybody to come to the Riviera Maya and only to stay within the confines of the hotel property...I've always wondered why people do that and will never know the truth because that person has never been and will never be me. I just think that this region has SO much to see and being able to see it is part of the fun.


By the way, I'm NOT savvy with the authorities in this country. I'm a tourist to them. I pay like you. I fear the worst but hope for the best... and i'm still typing along.


I'm only trying to dial down reality in this convo and I totally respect that you want safe vs sorry. Hope for the best!

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