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Okay girls who have done this or have made their plans please help!

How do you go about deciding what your week of plans is going to entail?

Do you have to make arrangements with the WC or conceirge prior to for group activities, say dinners or tours? Or do you make then when you arrive?


For those who have done this already, how did you like your plans, would you change anything? Did you feel you spent enough time with your guests? Any suggestions or tips?


Thanks in advance!

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We will not be planning (I dont think anyways) any group activities only because we dont want people to have to commit to a million different things...ie. wedding welcome dinner wedding ceremony wedding reception etc...


So I believe we will probably post our list of events on our website and if anyone wants to join in on any of our excursions then they will be more than welcome to.

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hi brenda,


i planned them before i got down there. i wanted to make sure i had a tour with prices nailed down with transportation figured out.


what i did was put a page on my website with info on the different events, price, etc. and asking people to RSVP for certain events.


i had deep sea fishing, spa day for ladies, snorkel/sailing trip, brunch with the newlyweds.


some of the events were pretty loose in terms of have RSVP (brunch with newlyweds) but some were more strict with RSVPs like deep sea fishing (we needed to reserve the right size boats.)


hope this helps.



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