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Need Help with picking color/photoshop

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Okay ladies..so I'm all over the place with colors right now...


Thanks to Kelly, I have a design all picked out, and originally thought I would use the colors of Brown/Blue.....but after dress shopping with one of my BMs this weekend I'm thinking of changing it to a coralish/brown..but I'm still not completely sure. FI isn't completely feeling it so I'm trying to change the color in my photoshop logo thing and it won't do it...can someone help me? please!smile41.gif

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on your tool palette, at the bottom click on the fill color (it will usually be the black swatch) change the color to your liking. Then select the magic wand select the text you want to change and go up to the menu and select edit-fill a window will come up and make sure you select background color. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much..it worked...now it won't let me crop it to the size I want...photoshop frustrates me SOOO much..I need to buy a book on it!!


How can I post the 2 options that i have done to get opinions??


Sodria...you get married in less than 2 weeks..that's CRAZY!

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