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I'm planning on making our AHR invitations using a picture from our wedding as the entire background. I wanted to design them myself and then upload them to vistaprint.


I am not very handy with photoshop but I'd like to use it (cause that's what I have) but I have a few questions....


1. Can I make a template in Photoshop and then insert a picturehuh.gif If so, how??


2. How do I resize the picture so I don't lose the quality of the pic (or DPI I guess)?


3. Is there any way to make ruler lines (guidelines for myself so I don't put any text past the printing edge)?


4. Anyone have ideas on how to spruce up this picture so the colors are super vibrant?


Click the image to open in full size.

(this picture is compressed - I have the original at home)


Our plan is to have our wording right aligned on the right side of the invite.



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I think the colors are pretty vibrant as it is. It's a little hard to explain what I'd do to brighten it. I'll PM you my email. If you get the picture to me by 12 EST I'll work on it during lunch (I like to photoshop during lunch).


Which vista print size are you using? Flat invite? POstcard? I'll show you how to put on the guidelings. I would overlay it & make the top image a little transperant.


Photoshop isn't the simplist but it's such a great program once you've spent some time with it.

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