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Kelly, the first wedding pics I saw when I joined this forum were some that Juan carlos took, believe me, I totally understand about having high expectations!! I wanted to hire Juan immediately!


I thought about using the resort photographer, because like you we have an extremely small budget and FI just didn't think it was that important to spend 3-4K on.


So I started researching photographers in mexico and am very happy that I was able to find claudia rodriguez's studio at a very reasonable price.


Have you tried at all to look into a photographer in DR, even if you were to just get someone for a couple hours? Thats what we did, we have our photographer for 3 hours, which will be enough time for some before pics, some together pics, group pics, some of the cocktail hour. And then we'll just worry about the reception pics on our own. I'm more concerned with getting good pics of the two of us.


It might be worth looking into.


Oh, but to answer your question I also love the idea of doing a session next year, that would be so much fun to get all dressed up again!

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I have been searching for a photographer in the DR, but there doesn't seem to be any!!! I don't know where else to look. I would be willing to up our budget, thats not a problem. The problem is I would have to bring my own photographer. I have enough in my budget for photo's just not enough to actually pay travelling costs for someone to come with us. I wouldn't have much left for pictures. With travel expences for eight of us, and a wedding for forty, I have hit my $20,000.00 budget. I just may do the trash the dress next year, I just hate to chance that it may never get done. We are suppose to go to Jamaica twice next year, I am trying to convince my hubby that we need to do Mexico, instead of one of our trips to Jamaica, and hire one of the brillant photographers Mexico has offer. I also have visions of beautiful candid shots of my children they unfortunately (and fortunately) would not be in Mexico (can you imagine the pictures Sol could take of Liam) I am so bummed!!!


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Pictures are very important to me. Having been married before, I can honestly say I didn't really remember the wedding and reception because of all the excitement and nerves. The pictures will help to remember the great event.


With that being said, I don't just want "ordinary" pictures. I admit, I like the fact that touch-ups can be done and colors can be brightened, etc...


We are getting an AMAZING deal. We are getting a $7k wedding package for practically free. All we are paying for is travel. Well, and of course we will pay for any and all prints we want. My best friend is a wedding planner in Austin and sends a lot of brides to this photographer. She even did the best friend/wedding planner's wedding. She is very sweet and does amazing work.

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