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wedding at Sandals Ocho Rios

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Hi there

I am a sandals Bride to be as well. Though, Sandals Hicacos


I think all Sandals are different. Or, at least mine seems different. I don't have to pay for a reception. Though, they WON'T seat us all at a restaurant together, due to the fact its a couples only resort and they don't like having large tables in the restaurants. So, we are renting the banquet room. This resort hasn't given me any other info though. No welcome party, or anything. I have to organize that myself. There really wasn't all that many options for us. <shrugs> Other than wedding locations. I even asked about having a bonfire on the beach, or a supper on the beach....but was told they don't do that. So, we will see what happens!

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Originally Posted by IrieBride08 View Post
My Sandals WC's name is Darma. She is based out of Miami though and I will be getting an onsite coordinator when I arrive in Jamaica. I hope the transition of all our correspondence is a smooth one! voodoo.gif

Thanks. It looks like we don't have the same WC. Shaunette is my WC's name, and I'm pretty sure she is in Jamaica...Hmmm, well now that I think about it, she never said if she was or not. LOL. Makes me wonder now. I think I will ask next week.

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