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Tierras del Sol

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My FSIL asked me to do some research for her on Tierras del Sol in Tulum.


I just looked it up on Trip Advisor and it ranks #6/56 hotels in Tulum and apparently only has 8 rooms! They are really going for the secluded feel so I think this sounds great for their situation.


Since there wasn't a thread started on this small "hotel" I thought I would start one. It sounds like a great honeymoon spot if you just really want to get away from things. I will let y'all know what they say about it when they return and see if they have any pics to add.


If you've ever been there please post your thoughts!

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FBIL & FSIL just returned from their honeymoon here. They absolutely loved it. They rented a jeep from the Cancun airport and drove down to Tulum. They said driving in Mexico wasn't bad at all (thanks to the many speedbumps that makes everyone have to slow down).


They really liked Tulum because it had hardly any signs of being "Americanized".


The guy that owns this little hotel is from Argentina.


FSIL showed me pics yesterday - I'll have to get her to send them to me so I can post them for you. It looks really cute and they said they had a great time and want to go back and buy a house there wink.gif


Also, Tulum is where the Corona commercials are shot - that's how they found out about it. Just an extra little tid bit. friday.gif

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