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Anyone have a short leg?

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Originally Posted by CaliaA07 View Post
Ok I just gave the computer to my husband and he read your post but not everyone elses. Below are his suggestions.
I can give my opinion from things I've seen in the past. Chiropractors deal with this ALL the time. We handle both the structural short leg (where one leg is actually shorter than the other) and a functional short leg (where they appear to be shorter due to something else going on). I agree that there is a lot going on muscularly (if that's even a word) and doing the exercises and getting things stretched out and worked on will help a ton. There is also usually something going on with the joints in your pelvis and back. These joints can become fixated, and not move the way that they are supposed to. This can actually cause the muscular tightness AND the functional short leg. A chiropractor can adjust these joints to restore the proper function/motion and also help with the muscular imbalance.

One other thing that I would recommend would be to get a scoliosis check. Sometimes a functional short leg can be a compensating factor for something like scoliosis or possibly a transitional segment. A transitional segment can form in your low back generally with the 5th (or last) lumbar vertebra. As the vertebra forms it can connect with the sacrum in a way that it isn't supposed to and throw the whole pelvis/low back off. Scoliosis can also start to form as a compensation from another problem that you have going on, so it can even start later in life. A current check might be a good idea.

I hope some of that helped, and if you have ANY questions about anything down the road, feel free to ask!

Thanks for the info. It's definitly a functional problem. I was also checked for scoliosis & that's not the problem. I'll see how the exercises go & let y'all know. If it doesn't improve from doing that I'll see about getting an adjustment. Thanks!

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