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Legalities of getting married in Mexico...

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How much of a hassle is the blood work & paperwork for it to be legal? HOw long did it take to get the paperwork back after your wedding?How long for it to be processed by the US and how much effot on your part?



We are thinking of maybe doing a quick city hall thing before we go to avoid all of the bloodwork & paperwork to make it legal here. Has anyone else done this? Did it make your wedding feel less real? I think it will still feel more like a real wedding when the guest are there and IM in the dress, but Im not sure.


At home it is like 25 for the marriage license, and at Dreams, with all the fees how much is it?


ADvice please......WHat have you guys done?

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if you do some searches there are a lot of posts on this topic already.

i believe it was cheaper for many people to do the courthouse thing at home first, and that way you also dont have to get your documents translated for insurance purposes and whatnot when you get home, so that's another fee to take into mind that you wont end up paying until after the wedding...

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