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  1. Nice pics! I am now thinking I might want to do a ttd session! They are fun but still classy. Very nice pictures!
  2. If that is the hotel you want, then stay and fioght it, and I agree if you do leave, make sure that they all know that the fee was a big part of your decision. Write lots of letters! Perhaps if they hear it enough, or when they realize that people are just going to keep using the loophole, they will either reduce or eliminate the fee.
  3. I could not make the video work, either?! I might be doing something wrong? Help!
  4. Thank you for posting these! I have so many things to think over and choose, and these pics & posts really help! Thanks!
  5. The picsa re stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!
  6. Kristi, that is what we plan to do! Just to avoid the blood tests etc. I bruise really easy, and dont want a big one for all my pics. We think it will save the hassle of teh transaltion of documents etc.
  7. You have to have your aunt & uncle talk to them, they might not want to go anyway, if they dont even know you guys. Its nice that you want to make them feel welcomed! They probably would feel awkward & out of place not knowing you anyway, so they just might let you off the hook! If they do want to come, than just invite them to the reception and maybe youll make some new friends! 6 isnt a huge budget breaker, luckily!

    Civil "at home" ceremony

    I hear you! There is no way I could do it way in advance, i would want to tell everyone! I think we are going to do it just before we go, or just after we get back depending upon what dates teh city hall has open. I think it will be nice to avoid all teh blood tests etc I just want to relax when we are there.

    I need a cake cutting song???

    The last 2 weddings I have been to both used "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies, which was cute, but I think quite popular. Maybe Sugar Pie Honeybunch? A Whole New World (ALaddin!) or another Disney song? Lion King, Circle of Life?? Mack the KNife? Build me up Buttercup? Sorry, my suggestions are all over the place.... I really like teh Cherry Pie suggestions! lol! Loved it!!!

    Dreams Cancun Wedding Review

    This review is fantastic! Your wedding was awesome, thanks so much for sharing all of your experience, it is really helping me feel better about the decisions I have to make! Congratulations! Your wedding looks perfect! Your flowers were stunning, the dress was beautiful as well! This is the best review ever, thanks so much for taking all the time to write it for us!

    Maggie's Cupcakes

    I love it! Very nice!

    Lizzy's Dreams Tulum Review

    Great review! It really helps to read what another bride thought of a resort! Thanks for your information, sounds like it all went great!@
  13. I really want to do a site visit, I think that it will give me peace if mind! I am hoping to do a site viist in oct 2008 to evenutally book a weeding date of oct 2009......I say if you can afford it, it would be worth the money!

    Civil "at home" ceremony

    I am also thinking of doing the at home thing before we go down to Mexico, although the idea of doing that after sounds even better! That way the Mexico wedding will "feel " real I ghuess its going to depend on how much all of the legalities will cost at whichever resort we choose. I am thinking of Dreams Cancun right now, but I am really having a hard time choosing a place.
  15. How much of a hassle is the blood work & paperwork for it to be legal? HOw long did it take to get the paperwork back after your wedding?How long for it to be processed by the US and how much effot on your part? We are thinking of maybe doing a quick city hall thing before we go to avoid all of the bloodwork & paperwork to make it legal here. Has anyone else done this? Did it make your wedding feel less real? I think it will still feel more like a real wedding when the guest are there and IM in the dress, but Im not sure. At home it is like 25 for the marriage license, and at Dreams, with all the fees how much is it? ADvice please......WHat have you guys done?