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Oh SH*#, I screwed the pooch on this one....

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Guys are clueless. When you say "lace up" he was probably picturing some new lace up bra. Plus even if you tell one of your girlfriends that your dress has a corset back, she will even have a VERY hard time figuring out what your dress looks like. I wouldn't worry at all.

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Originally Posted by lambert13 View Post
You got nothing to worry about. Trust me. Karen let a few details slip here and there and honestly most of the time I did not even know what she was talking about with the dress. I was completely (and very happily) surprised when I saw her.

If she had said something about lacing it up I probably would have figured it was something completely different than what she was really talking about.
huh? When did I let anything slip about my dress? Oh wait....maybe about the color. Oh and I almost showed him a pic on my digital camera when I was flipping through pictures. OK maybe i did slip a little. lol. Yeah anyhoo.....don't worry I don't think anything you said gave anything major away.

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