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Many of you have seen my wedding pictures + TTD pictures + horse pictures

Annie and Marc


No one in my family knew I was going to TTD my dress the next day! I told them that Elizabeth knew a wonderful garden in the area that would make very nice pictures! I wanted to surprise my parents once I got my wedding pictures... and yes, they were surprised and everyone loved the picturescheer2.gif But I had to show them my dress since no one believed me is was like new !


I really wanted to do a 2nd ttd at the resort since the pool is so nice there. How to do that when your family is always with you and you do not want them to know ? !smile41.gif Most of my guests left 1 week before me but my parents stayed until THE DAY BEFORE ! So 20 hours before my flight, I did my TTD. And yes, my dress had enough time to dry ! Here a a few pictures...


Click the image to open in full size.

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