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Playa del Carmen
What a great venue!
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Blue Venado Beach Club

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By jsalazarmtz, · 1,070 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Communication, service, food! AMAZING
Cons: None

We initially reached out to Blue Venado a bit less than a year ago when we decided to get married in the Mayan Riviera and we realized that resort wedding packages were not giving us what we wanted - a private setting with unlimited time and no vendor fees, this on top of avoiding resort day passes for all my guests that were not staying at the same place due to having a mix list between Canadians and Mexicans.


We were very pleased with how quickly they were responding to my emails and also giving me calls (regular phone and Skype) as they wanted to make sure I was getting all the information I needed.  They even went ahead to offer me a menu degustation at not cost just so I can visit them and see what they were offering.  My then fiancé and I went to their offices,  our coordinator at the time Roux drove us to the beach club and showed us around before our free meal.  We were amazed by how beautiful the place is and then the food was AMAZING!  The chef came to our table and talked to us.  We had a blast and we decided that we will for sure get married there.


The planning started and we were passed on to Sofia, the wedding manager as Roux left the company and we could not be more pleased on how things were dealt with by her and her team.  Communication was always very effective and timely and she suggested some things for our wedding that were just great.


We met a couple of days before the wedding and I gave them all the décor for them to set up and finalize details about food and logistics.


The day of the wedding it didn't rain, it poured on us and I was really worried!  Sofia and her team were there to calm me down and make sure we had a plan B to go ahead with the wedding.  I won't deny that it was a bit discouraging to see all the ceremony location set up and not being able to use due to the rain we were having but the Shaman (Mayan priest for our ceremony) and Sofia's team managed to move the ceremony to the big hut and we had our beautiful Mayan blessing there.  Mother nature was kind enough to let us have our pictures taken by the beach and then we moved into the cocktail hour and the dinner and dancing.  Everything went so great, we had a lot of fun and the food and service from Blue Venado were out of this world. 


All my guests keep telling me that during our wedding they have had the best meal of their stay in the Mayan Riviera and that the service was unreal. 


Thank you Sofia, the team and Blue Venado for helping me having such a beautiful wedding.




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