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Most Amazing Photography Experience EVER!
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Photos in Cancun Photography

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By rachelia160, · 550 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Great Communication, Discreet During Ceremony, Went Above and Beyond To Give Us the Best Experience Possible, Give You ALL Pictures at the End of the Night, Gorgeous Photos
Cons: Absolutely Nothing!

I literally cannot say enough wonderful thing about Dereck and Lorena of Photos in Cancun. They were truly one of the best parts about our entire wedding experience!


After a lot of research, I chose them for our photographers because 1) they were by far the most reasonably priced I had seen during my research, 2) they had wonderful reviews about how fun and easy they are to work with and 3) they give you EVERY SINGLE PICTURE on a USB right at the end of the night! How can you pass that up?


They came up to the room around 3:30 as we were getting ready.  Immediately I noticed that there were three photographers instead of just two. Dereck introduced himself, and informed me that he had accidentally been punched in the eye by his poodle (true story!), and showed me his eye, which was very red.  He said they had brought along a third photographer who they work with all the time, just in case he had to give his eye a break, to make sure they wouldn’t miss anything, at no charge at all to me. I was impressed right off that bat! Despite his eye injury, he was still taking pictures every time I looked at him, so I basically just got a third bonus photographer!


Throughout the entire ceremony, they were so discreet that I didn’t even notice them, but they captured so many amazing pictures. They even took a picture of virtually every person in the audience, which I thought was a really nice touch, both for us to have memories of who was there with us, and for the guests to have a nice picture of themselves.


I had a 7 hour photography package, so they were scheduled to stay for some of the reception but not all of it. I was rushing at one point to find my husband to take some pictures of him taking off my garter (which we did off to the side) before they left, and Dereck stopped me and said “Don’t worry, we’re in no hurry to leave, take your time.” I’m not sure exactly what time they left or how long they were there, but I’d say it was definitely longer than 7 hours!  Again, I barely noticed them the whole time they were there, but they captured EVERY moment. The candid reception pictures are some of my favorites.


As they were leaving, Dereck told me that they felt bad that we didn’t get to take many couples pictures (even though it wasn’t their fault at all, we just had so many guests that came up wanting pictures with us that we ended up with only 10 minutes for couples pictures before the reception), and asked if they could pick us up later in the week to take more pictures! WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it. We communicated a little over the next week, and they ended up driving all the way out to our honeymoon resort, the Hard Rock Riviera Maya, the following Monday. They live in Cancun, which is about 30 minutes from the Now Jade, and the Hard Rock is about 40 minutes even further than that, so they drove at least an hour to come get us. Then they drove us all the way back to a beach in Puerto Morelos (30-40 minutes) to take pictures there, then drove us into Playa del Carmen to that beach, and took some pictures in the shopping area in Playa.  They got some amazing and beautiful shots, and worked SO hard - it is very clear how passionate they are about what they do.  


You can see 1000 (out of the 2500 pictures they took!) here. Keep in mind that these haven't been edited yet (and they don't even need it, they look amazing!) We get to pick 180 pictures for them to edit.  https://www.facebook...=1&l=d36589a522


Here's a slideshow they made for me too that highlights the best parts of the day, if you don't feel like slogging through 1000 pictures!: https://animoto.com/...1lA?autostart=1




They took pictures of us for over 3 hours, and then bought US a beer after! Are you kidding??!  They worked for free for us for hours, and then bought US a drink! I still can’t get over it. As we were walking back to the car, they were just expressing how much they love what they do, and how the most important thing for them is making sure that their client’s have the best experience possible, and that it’s not just about a set number of hours or buying a set number of prints. Dereck also explained why they give you ALL you photos at the end of the night - “Say there's a picture of you and Uncle Bob that’s a little out of focus so I delete it, but maybe you haven’t seen him in 10 years and that would be an invaluable memory for you. Why should we decide what pictures are worth keeping?” Their attitude towards their work is truly inspiring.


I could go on and on for days about how amazing Dereck and Lorena were.  They were one of the very best parts not just about our wedding day, but our entire vacation. If you have yet to hire a photographer, stop looking right now and hire them.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.





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