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Photos in Cancun is a Mexican/Canadian photography team, we offer a combination of unique artistry and unparalleled customer service in English as well as Spanish. 


Our trademark style includes captivating emotional portraiture with richly saturated colors, glowing skin tones, beautiful scenery, sparkling eyes, and an almost mystical quality.


Servicing the Mayan Riviera, available for travel throughout the Caribbean. 



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By vinoli, · 0 Comments

Thank you so much for the wonderful clicks! No words can express the gratitude for all the hard work and effort you’ve put in your work. best photographers.

By Ndalessandro, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!
Cons: None
Derek, Lorena & their team are the real deal. They are accommodating, professional, easy-going, and extremely good at their jobs. My husband and I cannot stress enough how glad we are that we chose photosincancun for our wedding day. We knew that they had done a few weddings at Azul Fives prior to ours, and as a courtesy, they offered to split the 800$ vendor fee with us. When we had our video call with them, we instantly got along and felt at ease with both Derek and Lorena. They answered all of our questions and concerns and genuinely cared about what we wanted regarding the pictures and video. The day of our wedding they arrived on time, and ready to go. Even though it was the first time meeting them, they make you feel like you've known them for years. Which is really important when posing for pictures. Lorena stayed with me before the ceremony in the bridal suite and Derek stayed with my husband and groomsmen. They're a divide and conquer team. Derek and Lorena also give you every single picture they take on a USB. They even drove to the airport to the day we were leaving to give us the second USB. I can't say enough great things about Derek and Lorena! I highly highly recommend them to anyone looking for amazing photos, for a good price, with down to earth people. One last thing, we received our wedding video within a week of arriving home. And our edited photos within the 4-6 week timeline. CHOOSE photosincancun, you will not be disappointed.

By Aeliasson15, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great quality, Super Friendly, Awesome People
Cons: NONE!
Choosing photos in Cancun was the best decision we made for our wedding! Destination weddings can be quite intimidating. Unless you have a lot of money, you don’t get a chance to go see everything and meet vendors or photographers before the actual wedding day. You just have to do a lot of research and hope that you can come across the right people. Thankfully enough, we found Photos in Cancun and everything was perfect from start to finish. Before the trip, they are very good at communicating and answering any questions or concerns. The day of the wedding, they not only fit in with our guests and family because of their awesome personalities but they help anyway they can.  Lorena even helped me stay calm when I was having a wardrobe malfunction while I was getting ready. These aren’t just your average wedding photographers. Derek, Lorena, and their team are wonderful people who just so happen to be really good at their job. I am absolutely in love with all of the pictures and video they captured. Thanks to them, we will be able to vividly remember all the details of the best day of our lives.

By carinparker, · 0 Comments

Pros: everything!
Cons: none
My (now) husband and I used Photos in Cancun, Derek and Lorena for our destination wedding at Azul Fives last May. I truly have nothing bad to say about this experience. We contacted Derek and Lorena and they got back right away, wedding planning can be a mess sometimes and honestly I had no idea how long we would need them to cover, where to take the pictures etc. They gave me a lit of options to choose from and basically set the timeline of my wedding for me - which seriously was the best thing. Maybe a month or so before the wedding we FaceTimed them- and let me tell you this just made us love them even more! Planning a wedding from another country can be hard so being able to talk to them/ see them made us so much more comfortable with our decision. Day of the wedding they were on time- and jumped right in to taking photos! Getting ready pictures were taken, Derek left to go cover the grooms room, Lorena stayed with the ladies, which is honestly so nice to be able to have both of them taking photos! After the ceremony Derek and Lorena were great they made sure we got all combinations of grandparents, parents, moms side, grooms family, etc, they made sure everyone was comfortable! We then went down for some beach photos with the bridal party and then just the groom and I. I seriously cannot tell you enough how amazing they were, these pictures are like nothing you've ever seen before! Our guests even raved about how amazing our photographers were! They captured everything- even the drunk guests  :D  :D . I with absolutely with no doubt recommended them to anyone with an upcoming destination wedding!

By esteiner, · 0 Comments

Cons: Absolutely nothing
Derek and Lorena were absolutely amazing!!! Easy to communicate with from the US prior to leaving for Mexico.  Very quick to reply to emails.  They even recommended facetiming prior to our arrival so they could get to know us a little.  They listened to our desires and gave us great tips for the day of!  Extremely knowledgeable about the local area. We got married at Azul Fives Resort in Playa del Carmen and they knew all the best spots to take photos.   Day of the wedding they were extremely helpful coordinating rides around the resort so we could do our first look just before our ceremony.  We were running late and they calmed my nerves and reminded me that they can't start without us :)  Neither my husband or I like to be the center of the attention and usually are not the biggest fan of staged photos but Derek and Lorena were so wonderful at getting natural and gorgeous photos of us!  We had them for 6hrs and they took over 2000 photos.  They are so sweet and clearly love their job. STRONGLY recommend choosing Photos in Cancun for your photography needs!!! You WON'T regret it!

By kristinberg, · 0 Comments

Cons: Not one.
We got married in June 2016 at Moon Palace in Cancun.  Derek and Lorena were an amazingly pleasant addition to our day  :)   From the very early stages of planning everything, they were a breeze to work with.  They responded to e-mails and questions in a timely manner and I could tell that they are passionate about their work and care about their clients.  The day of the wedding, they arrived and quickly got to work.  It was a scorcher of a day as you can imagine - and they were prepared!  Lorena had a little kit of things like blotter wipes for me, and Derek suggested that my husband bring a sweat towel, haha which he ended up using PLENTY throughout our 15-20 minute ceremony and throughout the evening for our outside reception.  They had asked us to provide a list of pictures that we for sure wanted to be taken prior to the day of the wedding so that on the day of, they could just list off who should be in what picture which was a huge timesaver and made for stress-free family photos!  They honestly fit right into our group of crazy family and friends as well and I cannot tell you how many of our guests came up to us after the wedding and said how impressed they were with our photographers!  We were just as impressed and thankful.  One of the best parts is that before they left at the end of the night, they gave us a USB drive with all the pictures on it so we could go through and decide what we wanted to be edited.  Who else gets to see all of their pictures the same day as their wedding?!  Derek and Lorena went above and beyond expectations and felt more like friends by the end of the night.  Whenever my husband and I are back in the Cancun area, we will definitely find an excuse to get pictures taken by them pending their schedule permits.  You will not regret choosing Photos in Cancun!  :)

By larb, · 0 Comments

We hired Derek and Lorena to do the video for our wedding in November . They were great from the moment we just inquired all the way until today - over a year after the wedding! They were kind enough to split the $800 outside vendor fee charged by our resort with us and still went above and beyond our contract in making sure we were happy and had everything we were looking for. Even though we had only hired them to do video, they ended up taking some photos of us in the pouring rain that were absolutely amazing - they don't even look real! The videos turned out awesome and really captured the whole day perfectly. We are so happy we found them and know that you will be too!
Pros: Everything! Communication. 2 for the price of one. Great personality. Truly passionate about their trade. Great photo quality. Awesome direction.
Cons: Nothing!
I hired Lorena and Derek to photograph my surprise proposal in Playa Del Carmen and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! They did everything they could to accommodate us and they far exceeded my expectations! They even took the time to help me plan the proposal weeks before the big day! Their communication was awesome via phone, email and whatsapp. And the rate they charged was extremely fair for the amazing service they offer.   Being a surprise, they had to arrive to the venue early, work with the hotel staff, organize my fiancé’s friends (who were part of the surprise) and find ways to take incognito photos prior to the proposal. Derek posed as a tourist taking photos on the beach and managed to capture some of the most amazing candid shots right before the proposal. It was perfect!   After the proposal they took hundreds of photos of us, all over the resort and beach. A lot of photographer’s quotes have a limit of 30-50 photos or a specific amount of time they’ll work, but not Photos in Cancun. They stayed for hours AND gave us the photos on a thumbdrive before they left! I could tell right away that they have a tremendous passion for photography and it shows in the way they captured the essence and excitement of the moment.   I feel as though trust is the primary factor when hiring a photographer for such special occasions (especially when you’re traveling from out of town), and I can tell you with 100% confidence that you can trust Lorena and Derek to exceed your expectations!   Thanks so much Photos in Cancun Photography!!

By Rose4789, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything! Beautiful images, quick responses, fun photographers
Cons: nothing
We hired Derek and Lorena to photograph our January 2017 wedding at the Now Sapphire resort. Honestly, they were one of the best parts of the wedding.    They worked with us in the weeks leading up to the wedding - making us feel comfortable with them, giving us tips for the wedding, giving us ideas and inspiration and just generally getting us excited about the experience we were about to have. They were so open and caring - offering to bring us anything we may have forgotten.    They arrived and immediately got to work - these two are super professional and take BEAUTIFUL images - with lights (when needed), fun set ups and great ideas. My fiance (now husband) and I had planned on exchanging letters and then doing a first look - but Derek suggested we stand back to back and read our notes to each other. It was possibly the most moving moment in the entire weekend. I'm so happy we did it.   Lorena was amazing - she carried my lipstick and some blotting sheets and always made sure I looked put together. I was tearing up (in a good way!) at one point and joked that I had to stop or my false eyelashes would fall off and Lorena leans over and says "oh, don't worry I have eyelash glue." She honestly thought of everything I didn't!   The guys also seemed to have a good time with Derek - he took some really fun shots of them while they were getting ready too.    At the ceremony they blended in and I never noticed them at all, but they got some beautiful shots of us and our guests.    Afterward, they took shots while we were waiting for the light to be right, ensuring we got a shot with every single person at the wedding. The group shot they took of us is so perfect and captured the feeling of the weekend super well.    The stayed longer than we thought they would and even took part in the celebrations a bit. Honestly, they were so much fun to be around all day.    We walked away that evening with the majority of our photos on flash drives and they asked us to pick 5 that we wanted edited right away. They turned those around crazy fast and have answered questions and emails quickly since then. We LOVE LOVE LOVE every photo they took and I couldn't have been happier with them. I usually hate photos of myself but I loved these. They captured the beauty in the scene and in every guest.    I couldn't recommend Photos in Cancun any more highly!

By Kelseyew, · 0 Comments

We got married at Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen in August 2016 and we used Photos in Cancun for our photography. To say that they were absolutely amazing is an understatement; we cannot say enough good things about them! Derek and Lorena were so easy and fun to work with. They really cared and took the time to get to know us leading up to our big day. We appreciated how they really made the day about us. From the moment they showed up at the resort they really made us and our guest fill special. It was great since they had photographed at that resort before so they knew all the good spots and the resort staff. They kept us on schedule and captured every moment we really wanted them to. We were leaving the day after our wedding for Jamaica and they met us at the airport to give us our photos. We loved the fact that we have every photo taken and we got to chose which ones we want edited. Our guest loved them too. Looking back on our photos it makes us relive the day and how perfect it was. I would recommend Photos in Cancun to anyone. We can't say better things about them and how easy it they were to work with. 

By StephaniePriceGalford, · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy to work with, AMAZING photos!!
Cons: Nothing!
My husband and I got married at Dreams Riviera Cancun on 10/1/2016.  We only had a small amount of people come with us (8) but one thing that was really important to me was the wedding pictures.  The wedding package we got included 1 hour of photography which just wasn't enough.  It was pretty expensive to hire the resort photographers and even paying the outside vendor fee, I found Photos in Cancun to be a much better deal.  I loved the fact that I got all my pictures and would get them all right away too!   Everything with working with them was fantastic from the start!  I found them online and sent them an email asking some basic questions. They were very friendly and even sent me some pictures of another wedding at the same resort which was great!  I wasn't quite ready to put a deposit down- I was over a year away- but they remained in touch with me until I did put the deposit down so I felt good about them and didn't think they would book something else without contacting me.   As the wedding date got closer Lorena even helped me figure out the best time line for the wedding based on what I wanted.  She had a great idea of scheduling the resort photography to be during my rehearsal because I didn't quite know how that would all work.  She also helped me decide when to start my ceremony.  The wedding coordinator has suggested a later time, which wouldn't have given us enough sunlight for all the after pictures that I wanted to I was very happy to have Lorena's suggestions.     It was slightly nerve racking to me to have booked them and they are in another country and I've never met them before...but Lorena stayed in touch with me during the beginning of our vacation and that made me feel much better.     WEDDING DAY Got my hair and makeup done- I was concerned because when I looked at a photograph of myself I looked very white from all the makeup around my eyes.  Didn't want to ruin my pictures!  Lorena helped me fix that with makeup and made sure I looked great the entire time!  She even carried makeup around for me and even sprayed mosquito spray on me at one point!  Both her and Dereck were super sweet and fun.  All of my guests loved them and wanted to just include them in our party! They did a great job of getting all the specific family shots that I wanted and had great ideas for other shots as well.  They periodically showed me some so I could see just how great they were- and I seriously never think I take good photos- but these were AMAZING!   They gave us our memory sticks that night and my new husband and I literally sat in bed for hours that night enjoying them.  We got home and had a photo party with our family to help pick out which ones we wanted touched up.  They really hardly needed it!  They got those back to us in a very timely manner. It was such a tough choice, but the best part is that I have all of them- so I really don't have to choose!    When we got our rehearsal photos back from the resort photographer I was soooo glad I had chosen Photos in Cancun to be our wedding photographer!  The photos just don't compare in my opinion.  Everything about working with Dereck and Lorena was awesome!  

By kjgottselig, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything - quality of work, caring, friendly, positive energy, price
Cons: Nothing
We recently got married at Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen in November and we used Photos in Cancun for our photography and videography. To say that they were absolutely amazing is an understatement; we cannot say enough good things about them!    We decided we didn't want the headache of flying a photographer down from Canada to photograph our wedding, so we started researching photographers in and around the Cancun area. We read several reviews on several different companies and we reached out to a few different places to get some quotes. Not only did Photos in Cancun have wonderful reviews, they also had very reasonable pricing. (At Azul Fives, they charge an $800 vendor fee to bring outside vendors onto the property and since we knew we wanted photography and videography we wanted to get a company that would do both so we didn’t have to pay the $800 fee more than once). They helped us with the vendor fee cost by taking $400 off of their package price; they were the only company to even offer this. With all of this is mind we decided Photos in Cancun was who we wanted to photograph/video our wedding so we booked them in April for our November wedding.   We decided on a package that offers a full day of wedding photos as well as a highlight video. We had emailed back and forth throughout the process so that they could get an idea of the style of our wedding and we could discuss the photo schedule for the big day. Based on all the things they asked us, and the information they had given us, we knew we were in good hands. They even sent me, the bride, an email the day before our wedding telling me to get a good sleep and to make sure I ate food the next day as it would be long day and I would need my energy. I thought that was a sweet and caring touch. The day of the wedding they arrived to the room that my bridesmaids and I were getting ready in and started taking pictures right away. We stayed on schedule pretty much the entire day and they worked tirelessly to get some amazing shots! A few times I even saw Lorena lying in the sand taking photos. At one point I started to feel kind of crappy and Derek not only picked up on that, he told us to take a quick little break, there was no pressure to keep going until I felt better and then he suggested we carry on. Not only did my husband and I think they did a fantastic job, but more than half of our wedding guests commented on what an incredible job they were doing throughout the day/night. One of the best parts is that when they are done for the night they give you all the photos they took which was around 2000!   We didn’t bring a computer down so we didn’t get to look at the photos until we were back home. When we finally got to go through the photos it was like reliving our wedding day over again! They did an amazing job capturing all of the special moments of the day and some of our favorite shots are the candid moments they caught between my husband and I. We were able to pick 250 photos that they will edit (we got a sneak peak of a few they’ve edited and they are beautiful!) We are still waiting to get our video back as we haven’t picked the songs we want for it yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing too! We are so happy we chose Photos in Cancun to capture the most important day of our lives.   So if you are having a hard time deciding on a photography team for your wedding, pick Photos in Cancun! You won’t regret it J   Kristine & Eric Azul Fives November 29, 2016
Pros: EVERTHING!! Great photos, Great to work with, Great prices!
Cons: NONE
For those who haven't selected your photographer yet, I wanted to share my incredible experience with Photos In Cancun. I am hoping that it will help some of you make this important decision!

After a lot of research, we decided to hire Derek and Lorena to photograph our wedding because of the quality of their work. However, while working with them throughout the planning process and the big day, we realized how fortunate we were to work with them because of so much more than just the quality of their work.

Throughout the planning process, Derek and Lorena were incredibly helpful and always very responsive. They really took the time to get to know us too. They helped me plan the entire timeline of the big day, and got the pictures on my must have list. And, between all the hecticness of the big day, they continued to go above and beyond for us...Lorena even helped me put on my eyelashes! They are so friendly, they really know what they are are doing and they really care. They are true professionals.

And, of course, the quality of the photos. We love our photos beyond what words can describe. Derek and Lorena provided us with all the photos shortly after the reception... which is one of the reasons we choose them! So great to go home with all your photos- almost 1500 OF THEM! I just got my 100+ edited photos and I am so excited! They even rushed them so I could have them at my AHR this weekend!

This was the most important day of my life, and I couldn't have been any happier with choosing Derek and Lorena to help me remember all the details from this day. They are beyond an amazing team, and we couldn't have been more grateful to them. I cannot recommend them enough, DON'T HESITATE to make them a part of your big day!!!!!!!

Finest Playa Mujeres
May 25, 2016
4 hrs of photography

By christinap9, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!!!!!
Cons: None at all - seriously!

By Sprimus88, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great price, Multiple photographers, easy to work with
Cons: Can't think of any!
We got married in August at Now Sapphire in Mexico. Pictures were a huge priority for our wedding. Our wedding package included a photographer, but we were concerned that a resort photographer for an hour wouldn't be enough. It was stressful trying to plan a wedding from across the country, but once we found Derek and Lorena, we were instantly at ease. We were first intrigued when we saw photos that were taken at a wedding at the same resort, they were amazing! Once we started planning, everything was very clear and Derek and Lorena stayed in contact with us the entire time. They answered every question I had (and I had plenty!) and made sure to verify every plan I had for our big day. It was great to have 2 photographers to capture all the getting ready moments, and the ceremony from both perspectives without making it feel staged or intrusive. Lorena even showed up wearing our wedding colors! When we fell behind schedule, they were very understanding and helped us focus on what pictures were most important. They were so attentive to us, and worked so hard to be sure the special pictures, moment and details we wanted were captured. They even stayed late and worked with our resort photographer to capture our cake cutting and first dance. We loved that we were able to get the pictures the same day, and spent several nights on our honeymoon looking at the pictures and reminiscing about our perfect day.  We took our time picking our favorite pictures for editing, and got the final versions SO quick! We are so happy we found photos in Cancun to help us capture our special day, and that we have so many wonderful pictures to share!  
Pros: Amazing Photos, Reliable Company, Very Friendly
Cons: None
I booked Derek and Lorena for my wedding in November 2015.  Their photos online looked great and I wanted to make sure we had fabulous pictures.     I didn't do a hotel wedding where everything was included or packaged.  I found out after booking our venue and trying to plan the rest of the details that not everyone responds in a timely fashion.  Derek and Lorena were the only ones to respond quickly.  They even offered to call people on my behalf when I explained via email I couldn't reach certain vendors.  

They showed up on time and took amazing photos.  They were so friendly that it was not awkward at all.  They knew what photos to take and the whole process went smoothly.     I did book a 'Trash the Dress' shoot after the wedding and we did try for two days to do the shoot but was not successful because of rain. But they worked hard to try and make it work and I got a quick refund since we couldn't make it happen.  We got our photos within a few days and the quality of the photos were just amazing.  And that's before editing/retouching.     Booking them was the one thing I felt secure about and I'm so glad I did.  Everyone just loves our photos and they have very fair prices. If you are thinking about booking them, then you really should.  You won't regret it at all.  Feel free to email me w/ any questions or if you want to see some other photos.  My email is yukka33@yahoo.com.   

By meahar, · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing photographers, very professional and quick to respond to any questions, great quality hi resolution photos, great price
Cons: None
We had our wedding in Nov 2015 and decided to contact Derek and Lorena to see if they were available for our wedding date. Thank goodness they were! Both were very prompt getting back to e-mail questions and they both really "got" our vision for the wedding. The prices were by far the best that I could find. On the wedding day they were very organized (thank goodness as I was in a surreal cloud state). They were also above and beyond  generous- following the wedding they came back to our resort to pick us up and take us into town to do more pictures of my husband and I since they felt they didn't get enough of just the two of us- and they did this at no extra charge and refused to take any money at the any of that day. The photos turned out beautifully and the edits also came back very quickly. I couldn't be happier with our choice to hire them and would highly suggest them as a photographer! Both are very easy going and make you feel so comfortable and beautiful.

By snswedding2016, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great communication, beautiful work, they go above and beyond!
Cons: nothing!
Derek and Lorena were amazing to work with form our very first email to the edited photos of our wedding! I found Photos in Cancun through another bride who got married at our resort (Azul Fives) and she had nothing but amazing things to say about them. I was even more excited when I found out that Derek was from my hometown. Derek and Lorena both were very quick to respond to all of my questions and provide not only advice as photographers but general wedding advice that was very helpful. We were incredibly lucky that Derek happened to come 'home' to Toronto a year before our wedding and we were able to meet with him in person and did a little engagement shoot! We also did a pre site visit to Azul Fives (for the Brides Dress Rehearsal) in Sept before our Jan wedding and we were able to connect with Derek again and finally meet Lorena at our resort. We selected all of our locations where we wanted to take our photos and this made it really smooth when it came time to our wedding day having pre selected everything. Derek and Lorena were amazing on our wedding day! They kept things running smoothly and when we ran a bit behind schedule they magically got us back on track without missing any of our shots on our list!! They really think of everything like when Derek kept me in the air conditioned lobby to wait while they were setting everything up for our first look or when Lorena had lip gloss to touch up my make up and extra bobby pins to pin back my fly away hairs.    From the very beginning they both felt more like friends than vendors we were working with. We invited them as our guests to stay and party with us at our reception because they felt like part of our group. At the end of the night they provided us all of our raw images on USBs, which was amazing! We ended up connecting with them in Playa on our honeymoon to catch up before we left Mexico. My only wish is that they were in my hometown so I could recommend them to all of my friends and family to photograph their local events!    Don't hesitate...send them an email now, you won't regret your decision!

By FranJ, · 0 Comments

Pros: Friendly and efficient service, professional photo service
We had a fantastic time working with Lorena and Derek! We decided to do an engagement/save the date photo session in Cancun last minute and luckily Lorena and Derek were available! Lorena and Derek were very experienced and familiar with the area. We stayed in Beach Palace and they offered to take us the the nearby beach to do the photo shoots. We got up at 6:45am as suggested by Lorena and we caught the sunrise in our photos which look amazing! Lorena was very thoughtful as she would constantly check up on my hair and make-up. She is also super fun and made the whole photo session experience relaxing, especially when my finance tends to be quite stiff when taking photos :P While Lorena was taking photos for us, Derek had transferred all the photos to the USB already. We were surprised that they gave us all the photos on our way back to hotel! Very very efficient! They were also very patient when editing our photos and tried to meet our needs as much as possible! Overall we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to take photos in Cancun! Very accommodating and professional photographers! 

By TraciK, · 0 Comments

Pros: Exceptional photographers, Excellent to communicate with
Cons: Absolutely none!!
Oh my gosh....where do I start!!  First of all, my husband and I cannot say enough about how amazing Derek & Lorena were to work with!!  From the initial contact via email, they were quick to respond and answer any questions we had which helped us feel at ease, especially when you're trying to book something that is very important from miles and miles away!  We loved the fact that Derek was originally from Ontario Canada which is where we're from thus making communication a breeze.....and we loved how easy both he and Lorena were to talk to....in fact, after our photo shoot, we parted feeling like we had 2 new wonderful friends!   We eloped down in Cancun on February 9th and chose Photos In Cancun to capture the "afterglow".....and we were NOT disappointed!!!   They made us both feel so comfortable that we had soooooooo much fun being photographed on the beach!  Their techniques and style for capturing every precious moment have left us in awe.......and with 300 pictures to cherish, we are struggling to pick out our favourites for them to edit....because they already look perfect.....and the bonus of receiving ALL of your pictures on a USB stick the same day as your shoot is incredible!   :D   We highly recommend Photos In Cancun.....you WON'T be disappointed!!!

By Tanya4321, · 0 Comments

Pros: Absolutely everything!!!!!
Cons: Nothing (seriously!!!)
I got married at Azul Fives on Dec 17, 2015.   After a lot of research, we decided to hire Derek and Lorena to photograph our wedding because of the quality of their work. However, while working with them throughout the planning process and the big day, we realized how fortunate we were to work with them because of so much more than just the quality of their work.    Throughout the planning process, Derek and Lorena were incredibly helpful and always very responsive (even though i didn't stop bothering them with question!). They really took the time to get to know us too, to read through our wedding website and planning documents. Derek also offered to meet with us while he was vacationing in Toronto, so we feel comfortable when we meet with him and Lorena in Mexico!    During the big day - they were so easy to work with!!!! They were always there, yet we didn't even feel them! Our photo timelines have shifted (and shortened) because of rain, and they seamlessly made miracles happen by ensuring that we were able to get all the photos we wanted. Their calmness throughout the day is contagious.  And, between all the hecticness of the big day, they continued to go above and beyond for us... Gosh, Lorena even helped me with quick make up and hair touchups before reception!    They are so friendly, they really know what they are are doing and they really care. They are true professionals.    And, of course, the quality of the photos. We love our photos beyond what words can describe. Derek and Lorena provided us with all the photos shortly after the reception (we met for a TTD session 2 days after). and we cannot stop staring at the 2000+ incredible photos that they made. Choosing only 250 photos for editing truly seems an impossible task at this point!    This was the most important day of my life (so far), and I couldn't have been any happier with choosing Derek and Lorena to help me remember all the details from this day. They are beyond an amazing team, and we couldn't have been more grateful to them. I cannot recommend them enough, don't hesitate to go with them for your big day!!!!!!!

By NicoleRuygrok, · 0 Comments

Derek and Lorena were exceptional! We got married Feb 3rd, 2016 at Azul Fives and they made the day go flawless, without them we couldn't have imagined the day going so smoothly! From our initial contact, they seemed knowledgable and you could tell they took passion in their job! They set out a time line for the day from our initial first couple e-mails. It helped me get an idea on how the day was going to go. They took interest in every detail I had envisioned and made sure before we even left that all the important details of the day would be taken care of. Once we arrived in Mexico they wanted to meet us even before the day so we weren't just meeting for the first time on the wedding day. This meant a lot as its hard to know who your hiring to capture your day when your miles apart. Even from meeting them for the first time we could tell they were a great fit, they were soo relaxed and made both us both feel so comfortable! You could also tell they were professionals in their field and were willing to make suggestions when needed and direct in the best way possible by giving us tips and pointers. By the time the wedding day came we had felt as if we had known both Derek and Lorena for a while. As soon as they arrived they started taking photos right away, as us girls were busy getting our hair and makeup done it was nice for them to just jump in and start taking photos. I didn't have to even worry about them being there. Through out the day they made sure every photo was taken, and even asked us to make sure no one was forgotten especially in the family photos. Once we got to head out for wedding party photos and photos of the two of us, they made it fun and relaxed. We never once felt like we were having to pose a lot, which I really didn't want our photos to be too "posy". We felt comfortable the whole time!! Another great bonus of hiring Derek and Lorena is they give you your photos at the end of the night on USB's. I loved having the photos right away so we could look back on the day when it was still fresh in our minds!! Everything about the day was perfect, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire Photos In Cancun again in a heart beat!!! They were above and beyond our expectations, we can't thank them enough!!!!

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Pros: Everything! Quality, professional
EXCEPTIONAL! We hired Photos in Cancun, Derek and Lorena for our wedding on January 26, 2016 at Azul Fives.
Photos in Cancun were phenomenal to work with from start to finish. They were very responsive throughout the process. They always emailed back and were very professional and knowledgeable. They were able to provide a timeline on how the day should be broken up and it worked out perfect.
A few days after the wedding, Derek and Lorena, met up with us at the hotel and provided us with 4 USB's with a copy of all our wedding photos. The pictures are beautiful and we can't stop looking trough them!
Derek and Lorena were able to capture our day perfectly! We are so glad we picked Photos in Cancun to be part of our special day!! Do not hesitate to hire Photos in Cancun...you will not be disappointed!!!!
Pros: Extremely talented photographers! Reasonable prices! Quick delivery!
My husband and I were married at ERC in April 2014. Although some photography was included in our wedding package, we opted to hire outside photographers (and we are SO glad we did!). I am definitely one of those people who reads every last review before making a decision and I am extremely particular. Derek and Lorena did not disappoint!! They took SUCH good care of us on our wedding day. They actually met us at our hotel a few days prior to the wedding. My husband and I instantly felt comfortable with them! They were very open to my ideas and were more than willing to accommodate. Lorena was a life saver the day of my wedding. When my hair started falling on the beach from the wind, she was right there with bobby pins and hairspray. When my wedding coordinator walked off with my lipstick, she was there with a back up. When I started getting shiny from sweat, she was there with shine wipes. This of course is in addition to shooting thousands of amazing pictures! Her and Derek have slightly different styles (although both equally fantastic) so it gave us a great variety. We received 3 usb's at the end of the night and we received our edited pictures very soon after making our picks. Even through the editing process they were amazing. They already had my money so they didn't have to go out of their way but even then they did. And now… Almost a year later I realized i hadn't downloaded one of the edited pictures I really wanted. I emailed them and received it in less than 48 hours. WOW!   These two are an awesome pair and they are so much fun! They are also very reasonably priced. I do not hesitate to recommend these two to anyone. I can't tell you how many people have told me my wedding photos belong in a magazine! Thanks again Derek and Lorena for making our day perfect!

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Pros: Nice, went out of their way for us, beautiful pictures, immediate delivery
Cons: none
My Husband and I went to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon and met with Lorena and Derek for a session to have pictures taken. First off, these two were so nice- Lorena was good at keeping contact with me the whole time, especially when I was having phone troubles when we arrived in Riviera Maya. They offered to pick us up and drop us back off which was so nice of them since we wanted our pictures taken in Cancun. They were easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable. The session went smoothly (besides the tide was a little rough that day but that's obviously not under their control- but made for more beautiful pictures in the end) and on the drive back Lorena put all the pictures on a flash drive and gave it to us immediately which was a relief. They didn't need much editing at all because they have great equipment. We did have some edited just slightly and they did come back even more beautiful somehow. Was very pleased with our experience and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a photographer around that area!