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Breathtaking, is perfect word that describes Ivan's work!
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Ivan Luckie


By erikmartinez21, · 452 Views · 2 Comments

I have always believed that one of the most important aspects of any important day is the photographer. You get the best of the best with Ivan!


Is it possible to give 10 stars? My party was satisfied with the service and product produced by this company. When we I hired Ivan Luckie to photo shoot our amazing day.This company truly made our day stress free.


Let mention also that Ivan is a professional.  He is courteous, respectful, and most importantly, he understands. He responds to calls/emails right away.  He is patient.  He provides suggestions when asked by me and my party and I had consulted with other photographers, and the moment we met with and corresponded with Ivan, we knew he was "the one"!


Ivan Luckie and his team are more than just photographers.  They are our friends. And we look forward to working with them again in the future at any opportunity we can.


I would book Ivan again in an instant and I look forward to using him again in the future for any of our picture taking needs.


Ivan is absolutely amazing!


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