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We were not impressed
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Ivan Luckie

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By playabride1, · 525 Views · 5 Comments

Pros: Less expensive than others
Cons: Long wait time, not very many photos, awkward styling

My husband and I booked Ivan for our wedding that took place in Playa del Carmen in 2014. Judging from the beautiful pictures on his blog we thought we had nothing to worry about as we thought they looked amazing.


We paid for 8 hours of wedding coverage and received only 400 pictures. The portraits with my husband and I were very weird, not natural poses but very POSED poses. He directs as exact as 'put your left arm up one inch, close your eyes, etc'. The end result was a lot of very awkward looking photos. Sadly we were only really excited about less than half of the photos. We asked Ivan if we could have the rest of the photos he took (there were MANY since he was always snapping away) and he told us that it would cost us a lot more money. That feels unfair to us. It would be no more additional work of him to just put them online for us. 


To put it in perspective, we had an at home ceremony before our Mexican wedding  and we had the photographer for 2 hours, and she produced 400 pictures of all of which were amazing and natural. 


We feel like he probably does really well for a lot of weddings - but be warned, it might not turn out the way you expect.


We also waited about 7 months for our photos which is a LONG time. I think in hindsight I would have paid more money and gone with someone else. 


Have a great Mexican wedding everyone, it really is a beautiful place to be married :)


Okay, I wouldn't say 2 stars - I would say 3, because there were some nice photos and moments in the ceremony that he caught. But I don't know how to change that.

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He did tell me that he plans to take on less weddings this year to help balance work and family. Hopefully that will help with his turn around time.

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Thank you PlayaBride1 for your feedback, It is always helpfull to improve :)


I wish I know who you are so I can post your wedding in here and let it into consideration for all my brides


I am totally confident because I know I have done my super best in each wedding I have done and I love my weddings so far and what I do, I am sorry to hear this


I consider I have consistency in my vision and style in all my weddings, more than 500 weddings, happy brides around 120 weddings in my site and I think they are consistent in quality and vision/style


I just had one bride that asked me for more photos, I tried 3 times to talk to her but didn't answer back, I am always open


The long time to deliver is something you clearly said, I am not expensive but I need more weddings to keep the business running and more weddings means more delivery time; more expensive less weddings and less delivery time, you just get what you pay for in terms of "delivering timeframe" and It is clear in the text I send before clients hire me, anyway I apologize for delaying a bit more, I am human and have complications as well :(


Clarifying I did not charge a lot of money for the extra pictures, just the fair cost I have to go through them and post process


Also I do not take a lot of pictures, I deliver each frame I take but I take up to 4 pictures of a frame and deliver what I consider great and could be one or all the pictures in the same frame.


I am sorry for what you feel and let me know If I can do anything for you.




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