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10 Year Anniversary Vow Renewal
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Le Blanc Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By xtinamarcel, · 1,365 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful, serene setting. Excellent communication from site coordinator.
Cons: Limited photography packages choices for smaller weddings

I was looking for a very low key yet meaningful vow renewal ceremony and Le Blanc was able to deliver this and met all of my expectations.  I'm writing this because this website has helped me so much in my planning so hopefully I can help other vow renewal brides.


I've been to a lot of nice hotels but Le Blanc has got to be in my top three most favorite.  I know everyone has gushed and raved about the details on how AMAZING this hotel is so I won't elaborate.  But being that I LOVED this place so much, it just made our vow renewal ceremony that much more special.


I was in contact with a wedding coordinator (Paola) months before the date of the ceremony.  We established over email all of the little details...location...flowers...cake...etc.  Communication was excellent.  She understood that we wanted our ceremony to be very simple and intimate.  


Once we arrived at the hotel, she met with us in person before the ceremony as well just to go over details.  They really go over and beyond to make sure everything is perfect for you.


We met with our officiant a few minutes before the ceremony.  I'm glad we got to do this because it was important to me to connect with her and for her to get to know us.  She was a sweetheart.  Her presence is very positive and encouraging.  Because of her, we got the vow renewal ceremony we wanted.  It was really just a moment for my husband and I to share and to acknowledge the last 10 years and our officiant understood this and led the ceremony PERFECTLY.


We chose to have the ceremony under the gazebo.  We were there in August and the sun was way too hot on the beach, otherwise I probably would have done it at the beach.  My bouquet was beautiful and perfect...ALL roses.  No ugly filler flowers. 


Le Blanc provides the officiant, bouquet and boutonniere, and cake.  We opted out of their photographer package because it didn't fit with the simplicity of our day.  The most cost effective packages were meant for a full wedding day which was not our situation.  And unfortunately Le Blanc does not allow outside vendors.  Nonetheless, we were able to get a few shots of our day!  








1 Comment

I'm glad you had such a positive experience. I'm getting married at LeBlanc in 19 days so this is making me feel good about our decision to have our wedding there. Paola is also my wedding planner and she is great and I know she will make our wedding weekend run smoothly. Thanks for sharing your review and congrats on the vow renewal!!

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