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Great Value and Down to Earth
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Photos in Cancun Photography

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By allii, · 385 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing photos, Great communication, Speaks fluent English, Fun, Relaxed, Professional, Talented, Responsive

I couldn't be more pleased with my choosing Derek and Lorena as my wedding photographers. Weddings are a big deal, especially when they are your own, so it is important that the right people help capture all the special moments of your memorable day. 

Prior to wedding: I googled "wedding photos in cancun mexico" and Photos In Cancun was one of the first hits. After comparing prices and quality of work, I decided to go with this company. I contacted them and received a response quickly. After the deposit of only $100, I locked in my date. A few months before the wedding, I shared a Pinterest link to them of ideas I had. They also offered other great suggestions in some email communications. 

Wedding Day: Derek and Lorena showed up right on time at the spa where I was getting ready, they knew their way around the resort and I had nothing to worry about. They were professional and kept it light the entire day. All of my guests praised them. They even showed me some amazing shots on their latest camera equipment (18 mb/pic) while I was getting ready and during the reception which I very much appreciated. It gave me confidence that I was going to have great pictures. After the reception, Derek handed me 3 jump drives holding approximately 1400 pictures at full resolution. WHO DOES THAT?! If you've ever gotten professional pictures done before, you will know that they charge you extra for every photo. BTW, the photos were AMAZING. 

Post Wedding: I took my time going through all the pictures and picked out about 100 pics for them to photoshop. All of my friends and co-workers back home agreed that I had an amazing photographer. =) 

Bottom line: Derek and Lorena are so down to earth and kind. All they want is to capture every beautiful moment of your special day. As a type A personality, New York City bride, I 100% LOVE them and their work.


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