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  1. Hey there. The DJ that Pilar gave me is: Alejandro Salmeron DJ / AudioVisual Technician Innovative Audio Video Communications Made Simple Av. Cancun | Mz. 53 Lt.3 Region 510 | Cancun, Q. Roo 77535 t: (998) 8728888 EXT 4272 | c: (998) 2603059 alejandro.salmeron@avispl.com | www.avispl.com Good luck!
  2. I was able to create my own invitations and they came out great. It is just the feeling of being ticked by a con artist sux.
  3. Fellow Bride-to-be, I've been a victim of fraud. DO NOT buy anything from Jaz G (jazfugurl08) from etsy.com. I ordered my wedding invitations through her and never got them. I've reported her and legal recourse will be taken.
  4. Yes I am, they were my grandmother's favorites. To honor her, I am using purple orchids as my main flower!
  5. Hey girls, I just found out the resort room promo code is pretty much useless, so i'm going to go through a travel agency instead. Can anyone provide any good travel agencies they were able to use? I have people flying in from all over.. thanks!
  6. Hi there Congrats! I am getting married at Now Jade in 2012 as well. There should be room for negotiation, meaning if you opted out of the photographer that comes with the package, you can get some extra DJ hours. The caveat to that is, i've read in some of these posts that they stopped allowing exchanges/negotiations. I'm not sure how true this, and will find out myself. Good Luck! Alli
  7. Hello everyone I have been finding the information you girls have posted to be so helpful! There is only so much information I can find from the official resort website, youtube videos, photography, videography, facebook sites before I run into a dead end. I am getting married in December 2012. I chose Now Jade (NJ) because of the modern feel of the resort. A friend of a friend got married at Now Sapphire last year, but when I compared the two through photos, I felt the decor at NJ fit my personality better. I've always wanted a destination wedding, but that comes with compromises, which I'm sure, many of you can relate to. I tried to be hands off, but ended up with a 3 inch binder, a wedding website, an excel sheet with 10 tabs, and 50 questions so far (and counting) listed off under the "question" tab. I feel bad for Pilar already. Speaking of the Pilar, my wedding coordinator, she does return my emails fairly quickly, but her response to my inquiries tend to be incomplete and hard to understand. I do give her a lot of credit for managing so many brides and weddings, so I try to be understanding. I am having my first phone conference with her tomorrow to get some of my 50 questions answered. (fingers crossed). I will post some useful information after this phone call. My info so far: Divine package 50 people Pergola - ceremony (ocean as backdrop, and I can wear heels!) Mix Bar (which i think is the as the blue beach bar) - cocktail Carnival Terrace - Reception Here is where my concern is, Pilar had never mentioned anything about a dance floor, or even gave me an option for anything other than the carnival terrace. I think I need the bamboo room, because of the dancing space. I've also heard that the terrace can get very windy. Does anyone have experience with this? Have anyone had their dinner on the terrace, but moved in to a private location afterward or dancing? I know there can be 2 weddings on the same day, so I'm hoping that the bamboo room is still available on the day of my wedding... more to come! Another general wedding etiquette question - I am using outside photographers, so I will be paying 65 dollars (day pass) for him and his assistant. This will cover their meals at any buffet, but should I pay for their dinner at the wedding reception so that they don't have to leave the wedding to have food at the buffet? This will be 53 dollars extra/per person, and would I need to have seats for them at the table? I appreciate any helpful feedback Alli
  8. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    Great Value and Down to Earth

    Pros: Amazing photos, Great communication, Speaks fluent English, Fun, Relaxed, Professional, Talented, Responsive
    I couldn't be more pleased with my choosing Derek and Lorena as my wedding photographers. Weddings are a big deal, especially when they are your own, so it is important that the right people help capture all the special moments of your memorable day.  Prior to wedding: I googled "wedding photos in cancun mexico" and Photos In Cancun was one of the first hits. After comparing prices and quality of work, I decided to go with this company. I contacted them and received a response quickly. Afte
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