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terrible service
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LUXE Destination Weddings

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By colin, · 305 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: great location for a wedding
Cons: to many to list see below

the only pro to this whole affair was the location in Jamaica. it was the grand palladium and they were a pleasure.

the story goes as such: I was flying from Victoria to Toronto and then to Jamaica, but had to ask if I was overnighting in Toronto, Luckily I had asked for then I could change my travel and overnight in Winnipeg with my family otherwise I would have been out of pocket for a extra hotel..again Luckily I had asked for they did not tell me. Then our travel agent was changed, after that it seemed the whole system crashed.

Our payment went through months after it was supposed to, we were not asked for seating assignments or bed preferences. Any questions we did have took a long time to get a response, and were usually vague.

It was 1 week to departure and we had to prompt for our tickets and then prompt again for our hotel voucher.


Once we reached the hotel I started asking questions of the other guests and my mother had not recieved her voucher, and my sister had to complain to the Air Canada rep to call Luxe to sort out her accommodations (she had paid for 2 weeks and was only booked for 1 week at the hotel)


other guests had similar complaints about the service, and communication.


the only guests that were satisfied were the bride and groom...well I guess that is the people that count, the rest of of us suffered for that.....

1 Comment

Dear Colin,

Thanks for taking the time to write a review of our your experience as we take client feedback very seriously. We would kindly ask that any complaints be brought to our attention directly, rather than as an anonymous post online. Your grievances have not been brought to the attention of your travel coordinator, nor have we even been given a chance to respond to or rectify any matters, if need be. Further, with respect to travel arrangements, perhaps it is unfair to comment on other customer’s concerns.

We absolutely apologize for anything that was in our control with regards to your travel experience, our intention is always for client satisfaction. And on a positive, we are pleased to hear that the bride and groom were indeed satisfied with the experience!

We welcome you to contact us directly, as we would be very open to listening to your concerns as real people. Please give us that opportunity.

Thanks, Jessica


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