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LUXE Destination Weddings is a full service destination wedding planning boutique and travel agency specializing in destination weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico. Recognized by its hotel partners as their favorite destination wedding planner for their impeccably styled and seamless weddings, LUXE is a true one-stop shop dedicated to the success of destination weddings. LUXE was founded on a unique sense of service and style that is evident in all the weddings they plan.

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By BN14, · 4 Comments

Pros: nothing
Cons: Everything..this company sucks
I would like to start by saying I wish there was an option to have 0 stars. This is worse company I have ever done business with.  

Here's my story...My fiance and I chose a destination wedding in Mexico. Since we both have demanding jobs we decided to use a travel agent to help coordinate everyone's trip. Good decision on our part since we have 65 people attending from all over the US. It was my decision to use LUXE Destination weddings because of their "connections" with our resort. Once we signed up we were tossed to two people and ended up with Jessika. Jessika was the most obnoxious person to work with. She sent out emails detailing our wedding and travel arrangements that were not correct and quite frankly sounded like a computer wrote them, Siri has more compassion... I let her send one email before requiring that she send them to me for approval first.  
You would think as a travel agent there would be reminder emails sent out every once in while to say "Hey guys just want to remind you there is  month left for deposits" but she didn't. I would have to send them.

Then Jessika would take a week off every month along with a few sporadic days here and there (must be nice).... She would never put her away message on so no one knew she was not in the office. So their questions where just ignored for the week she was gone as well the following week, because it took her at least 7 working days to respond to your email.

Once we started to send out CC authorizations for deposits, our quests would send them back, with no response. So no one new if she had the authorization or if they had a room or anything. At the very beginning of this my fiance and I put down a $6000.00 for a room block for our guests. This held 20 rooms. Now the deal was when guest book their rooms they put down their own deposit relieving our responsibility for that one room.... Well Ms smarty pants told people that they did not need to put their own deposit down bc we (my fiance and I) had done it already....I'm sorry...WHAT?!?!?!

So there was deadline for our guests to put their deposit down. I literally started a count down...my emails (bc again remember Jessika would not send any) said, "ok guys we 6 days, ok guys 5 days and so on..." Well guess what... Jessika went on vacation the last two days of our due date..No one knew...no one got a response for a week and half!!! SO..all of our guests called me... everyday my phone was ringing off the hook because no one could reach our travel agent...

Now the kicker.... After I have complained and complained about Jessika...She quits. BUT..... not before she fucked us one last time.... She quit about three days before our final payment was to be made. AND again no automatic message was sent...ALL 65 OF OUR GUEST ARE NOW CALLING ME! Awesome! I sent email after email and finally the following Friday I called. The lady on the phone proceeds to tell me Jessika is no longer with their company and I would have a new rep with LUXE reaching out me soon.... which sounded awesome at the time.. So I think I waited until Wednesday when I didn't receive a call or email from our NEW REP to  send out an email which copied everyone I could think of. At this point our final payment was due over a week ago. No one has been charged, no one has been contacted...no one, not even me THE BRIDE, has any clue what is going on. I finally got a call from a manager saying they will extend our due date and all is well and wonderful in world..

The last email we received was over a week ago. Stating everyone has been charged and explaining our final payment amount (our card is the last to be charged bc they have to wait on all of guests to pay) . We replied with a few questions, but have not received a response yet..It is now approximately a month past our final due date payment. My mother just called this morning to let me know she emailed our new rep about her payment not being applied, and this morning she had a credit in the total amount of her stay refunded to her CC-?????? Then in the middle of my mom telling me this, my uncle calls...I bet you can guess this one- his card was not charged nor was my grandmothers... Wonderful.

I could have done this all myself. I sent out the email communications set up the excel sheets and followed up with all of guests. I get all the calls about LUXE's mess ups...The best part is, LUXE gets 20% commission off our 65 guests....For what???

Thank god we only hired them for our travel and nothing with the wedding itself.


By EvelinCoutya, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful Wedding!
Cons: That it was over!
It has been almost 2 weeks since my wedding but I still feel the cool ocean breeze and the sandy beach on my toes, it still feels like a dream. My husband and I go married on the wonderful beach resort, Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas. Luxe did an wonderful job orchastrating the whole thing and putting in tremendous effort in making our wedding as memorable as possible. The design, decor, wedding invitations, photographer, and the DJ all surpassed our expectations, it was a great wedding experience and there is nothing more I could of asked for, thanks again Luxe!

By JennineHurlburt0, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing
My Fiance and I have already decided on a destination wedding location and resort but we just did not have the time, the right people, connections to be able to plan our wedding. That is when we decided to hire Luxe. The only thing we really told them in our first consultation was the resort and location we wanted our wedding to be and we told them to use their creativity to make our wedding look as nice and boutique as possible. Upon touching down on the Rendezvous, The Boutique Hotel in St. Lucia, we were excited on what Luxe came up with with their own creativity and all I have to say is WOW. They really pulled all of the stops to make it look fantastic, they made our designs in a way that I didn't think of doing, everything to the invitations down to the table cloths looked amazing.

Overall I give Luxe's service a 10/10, the wedding was just perfect!

By ChristelOsoria, · 0 Comments

Pros: Works well under pressure, professional, highly motivated, exceptional service
Cons: I have no complaints!
Hi Jess and Luxe I just wanted to leave my comments here as a way of sending you a note to say thank you. We are back from our lovely trip to Puerto Plata that you did so much planning for, and everything was absolutely amazing. The wedding was beautiful, hilarious, a blast, beyond anything we could ever imagine. It exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable, I know we made some last-minute changes and need some quick renditions but Jess I wanted to thank you for putting up with us and doing such a fantastic job under pressure. The resort was amazing- beautiful beach, friendly and funny staff, great activities/available water sports included, everything was fantastic, Thank you all very much for doing such a great job!

By FlorentinaCerioh, · 0 Comments

Pros: Relaxing, Creative, Incredible Efforts
Cons: Absolutely Nothing
Hi Alexandra and Luxe, Thank you so much for all of your help, you were amazing with the wedding planning stuff which made everything super simple and quick once we got there. It was so nice to just be able to relax in Jamaica for the week before our wedding instead of running around planning stuff, stressing if everything or anything is out of place. I think we spent a whole two minutes talking to the onsite coordinator and that was the extent of the planning we had to do there and the rest of our time we will just sipping on pina coladas, that is the life!! Thanks to your incredible efforts, hard work, creativity and unbelievable organization beforehand to make this happen.

We appreciate it more than words can express, I really really enjoyed the Luxe Experience!

By HyeReciou, · 0 Comments

Pros: What an Memorable Experience!
Cons: That it had to End!
After looking around both the internet and asking our friends and families for recommendations we decided to hire Luxe to plan our Wedding. From the moment I walked in for our first consultation to the very last day of our Wedding Ceremony they will very knowledgeable, nice, and professional. I want to give a huge hug and shout out to my home girl Jess(she was our designated wedding planner), you made our wedding the most Memorable Experience Ever!

What a Amazing Winter Getaway, I loved Puerto Cana, I couldn't of asked for more! Thanks a lot Everyone!
I just got back from my dream wedding getaway, I am both sad and happy to have have this experience. I am sad that it has to end because Luxe did such an fabulous job with everything, I never wanted it to end. I am happy that my husband and I are finally married. =) Mandy, If I haven't said it yet, you are very very good at your job. I really enjoy speaking with you and working with you because you are not only very knowledgeable, you know details about the properties you are suggesting, and you do a great job at listening to my weird feedback and making recommendations that incorporate that too!! Thank you Overall I couldn't be happier, Luxe went the extra mile to not only meet my expectations but exceeded them, thank you so much for making such a great effort, I am really happier with the results!

By ParisRitacco, · 0 Comments

Pros: Every and Anything!
Cons: Not Much at all.
Thanks to everyone helping at LUXE Destination Weddings! Thank you for your help. You know exactly what you are doing! There was quick decision making, and you made things go in order and in flow. The world is too big, there are too many decisions, and you narrowed it down, suggested resorts and coached us along to our wedding event. In turn, our wedding day was smooth with no stress. YEAH!  
We were so excited, wow what a great feeling we had. I would love to do this each year with John, a romantic getaway for two.

By SashaAloisio, · 0 Comments

Pros: Perfection
Cons: Nothing at all
Hi Fabulous Luxe team: I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on the Wedding, if you take a look at our pictures, you will see it was perfection. The day went flawlessly, it was perfection. St. Barth’s was heaven on earth, amazing. The villa was pristine, beautiful and in a perfect location. I would of felt bad for not leaving a review for such a fabulous service! I am just beginning to catch up at work because of all of the daydream and great memories we had at our wedding we just wanted to express to you how grateful we are for all your hard work!

By JewelCastelli, · 0 Comments

Pros: Double the Party!
Cons: A lot of Pressure!
My now husband and I decided to have our Wedding Day on the same day as Thanksgiving, which is both a plus(economically and two times the party?) and a minus because there is extra pressure to make everything look perfect and flawless. During our planning stages I told Luxe everything, from my concerns to goals for the wedding, they reassured me that my big day will be a success. I was really scared and didn't know what to expect, I really wanted to impress my parents and had a lot of pressure. I felt that Luxe was always there for me both professionally and emotionally, there have been times where I have gotten very stressed and nervous about the wedding but they were very patient and reassuring. The moment of my big day arrived and I did not know what to expect, it wasn't until I saw how beautifully everything was placed, designed and organized that I had a sense of pride and relief. I am very glad I entrusted this important and special occasion to Luxe and they easily surpassed my expectations, Luxe you guys were just amazing! 

By JudySpadaforao, · 0 Comments

Pros: Hot Weather, Sandy Beaches, Great Wedding Planner, Perfect
Cons: None at all!
What a thrill! I couldn't believe my dream wedding actually happened! I still feel the breeze in my hair on the sunny beaches of the Osa Peninsula, the shares of laughter with friends and family, it was priceless. Luxe weddings exceeded my expectations in every way, I was impressed from the very first consultation, my assigned planner Mandy was really cordial, professional and even had a great sense of humor! Mandy was really proactive and always stayed ahead of schedule, it was amazing just to see her work. We had some trouble with the travel arrangements(I had a lot of guests) but she made sure it was fixed as soon as possible, and everything went smoothly. I am very impressed by Luxe and Mandy, they did such a terrific job and I am very glad I worked with them!
Pros: Comforting, Professional, Confident, Attention to Details
Cons: None
During my first consultation with Luxe I felt comfortable enough to work with them and decided to make the decision to have them plan my wedding. I am a very skeptical person and pretty difficult to work with, so when Luxe tried to reassure me and say everything was going to turn out great, I just reacted the say as I always do, which is doubt. It was not until the day of the wedding that I realized that everything that they said would happen happened. There was absolutely nothing to critique, it was spotless and everything was like they said it would be, perfect. I still remember the gorgeous view on the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, watching the sun set, it was an amazing experience. You turned a skeptical person into a believer, thank you Luxe for all of the great work you guys have done, and your constant reassurance, it means a lot to me.

By LavellePrather, · 0 Comments

Pros: Too Many too Count!
Cons: None comes up to mind!
Hi Antoinette and Luxe, I just wanted to tell you guys what a magnificent job you did for wedding and my friends and family. Everyone at the wedding enjoyed themselves, the hot topical weather, the gorgeous sunset, the lovely seafood and desert, it was the best time of our lives! I feel like I am still reliving the moment every single day(I daydream about it sometimes too), I think every girl should experience what I have experienced, thank you soooo much Antionette and Luxe for dedicating yourselves and working your bums off to help us create such a perfect wedding experience! Love and Kisses! 

By KendraSiebenale, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, Wonderful People to work with, Everything else!
Cons: Nothing of Note.
O My Goodness! Where do I even begin? Luxe was absolutely amazing! I want to give a big thank you for Rebecca as well, who was our wedding planner, We had such a great time with our family and friends and could not have done it without your friendly, professional expertise. I would definitely recommend Luxe and Rebecca if anyone is looking for a destination wedding planner, they service was absolutely top-notch. Luxe has been a dream to work with, I really appreciate everything that you did!

By LashelRodreguez, · 0 Comments

Pros: The Whole Wedding Process
Cons: Slight Intangibles but too small to note
Initially I didn't know what to do because we were going to have a lot of guest at our wedding, around 80 to be exact. It would of been a nightmare to book and plan for all those guest. I am very very glad to have found Luxe, Matt was helping us negotiate on our behalf, he did an amazing job and landed us a really good deal(he seems really well connected) and Laura planned EVERYTHING which was astounding to say the least. Our wedding at Dreams Puerto Aventuras was more then everything I can ever ask for, the weather was nice and everything seems to be perfect. Luxe has been a dream to work with, thank you Luxe team!   
Belle Bride

By Belle Bride, · 0 Comments

Pros: Every detail taken care of, Worked around my sched, listened to what our vision was, helpful advice
Cons: Shuttle company mixups
Working with Alex and Menisha over the past 2 years has been nothing short of fantastic! We loved going through every aspect and creating an event unique to us as a couple. This was their first event on Jekyll Island in Georgia but it felt like they had done countless weddings there before. Through their guidance, templates, advice and countless hours spent on creating our wedding day, we really got the wedding we always dreamed about-and more. Every guest was blown away and had an amazing time. Our vendors- Straton Hall, Brooke Roberts Photography and DJ Jacob Towe along with the staff at The Hampton Inn and Suites became a small family and Luxe helped put this all together. Everything went so smoothly throughout the whole process, we kept thinking we were forgetting something important. Thank you to Alex and Menisha for being a part of creating our fairtytale southern belle wedding!

By TracieLaroqueh, · 0 Comments

Pros: Friendly, Professional, Proactive
Cons: None
Do you know what is the only thing sweeter than Costa Alegre, Mexico? Having the delight to work with Luxe! First of all I need to say thanks for all the hard work you guys have done for us. Luxe knows the most important thing is costumer satisfaction and it shows in the way they interact and handle any type of situation; they were polite, extremely delicate in handling details, and works very hard on staying ahead of the alloted time. Above all that they are really personal and friendly. I actually had a temazcal with one of the girls that help me with my wedding (it is an ancient purifying treatment involving a mud bath in Costa Alegre), which was awesome, I really got a chance to bond with her on a more personal level than a professional level.  Honestly, you can not go wrong by choosing Luxe, my wedding turned out amazing and everything was just the way I imagined it to be. Thanks again Luxe! 

By KatelynnOnstadu, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing!
Before going with Luxe, My fiance and I were pulling our hair out trying to figure out what decors we were going with, planning the event, setting up the location etc, and it was really really stressful. That is when I decided to call Luxe and go in for a consultation they made everything so easy(I guess that is why they are called professionals). They looked after every single detail and didn't miss a spot, our wedding was absolutely perfect. I am so glad I went with them, they were curgial, professional, basically everything you would want from a wedding planner. Luxe you are really a life saver, thank you for everything you done for us, it was absolutely perfect!
I like to thank everyone from Luxe for making my wedding such an unforgettable experience. My now husband and I have very demanding jobs and our schedule is always full. I told Luxe I was extremely busy and they understood, after giving them some suggestions on how my wedding should be and they took care of everything else. At first, I was a bit worried because I did not have time to monitor anything that they were doing, so I didn't know if they did a good job or a bad one, it was until my wedding rehearsal that I saw what a fantastic job Luxe did. They transformed some of my simple ideas into things I didn't know was possible, it was artistic and perfect for the occasion. In my opinion, Luxe is THE best wedding company I have ever seen, thank you for everything!

By tcwinter, · 0 Comments

I don't have anything to compare this experience to but I know through my job that dealing with vendors isn't always easy. Everything about our experience with LUXE was awesome, relaxed and easy. I'm not sure if it was because I felt pretty laid back about the entire process or because that's the gift Alexandra and Carla have. However, I don't think I would've felt so chill if I dealt with another company. I never had to continually follow up on anything, communication was always clear and direct. The actual wedding day was flawless/perfect/beautiful as well. One of things I wasn't sure about was how the flowers would turn out. I had shared with Alexandra a photo of the bouquet I'd wanted (ie: pale rose colour assortment); I did not think it would be near anything close to what I wanted but when they arrived they were even better than the photo! They were so pretty especially the bridemaids and the mothers' wrist corsages - although that was probably also due to the amazing resort we stayed at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. Everyone had so much fun, having a destination wedding and working with LUXE was the best decision for my husband and I.    Thank you for everything! Tanya xo   ps - our pictures are also incredible!

By KatyaNova, · 0 Comments

We've recently had the pleasure of working with LUXE on a destination wedding at Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado in Samana, Dominican Republic. Alexandra was amazing - flawless email communication, seamless coordination ... even though everything was done remotely. We were super impressed, having talented planners really makes a huge difference, especially when you're passionate about having your Big Day stand out.    Here are some highlights from the wedding http://www.katyanovablog.com/bahia-principe-cayo-levantado-wedding-sj/   Warmly, 
Katya & Rob. 

By gmarkham, · 0 Comments

Pros: How friendly they are, how well they did at organizing everything, and how pleasant and low-stress the whole process was
Cons: none
We recently had a destination wedding in Jamaica which was organized by Luxe, and wanted to quickly share that Luxe is amazing. With a guest list close to 90 guests, there is absolutely no way we could have pulled this off without our planner, Emma. We had a lot of requests and logistics and she helped us pull everything together seamlessly. She solved a hundred problems before they started and was extremely attentive, perceptive and accommodating.  She took away all the stress and uncertainty which allowed us to focus entirely on the day without worrying about a thing.
Todd Jenelle

By Todd Jenelle, · 1 Comment

Pros: Courteous and professional service. Convenient, simple and straight forward process with great results.
We were married February 2013 on Renaissance Island, Aruba.  We enjoyed privacy for our wedding ceremony which included a white sand beach, pink flamingos, pelicans and an amazing sunset.  After the ceremony our family enjoyed drinks, hor d'oeuvres and dancing to a pan player by the beautiful beach.  Tiki torches and christmas lights on the palm trees completed the scene.  We couldn't have been happier about the whole experience!   When we first decided to go with a destination wedding, we visited Luxe.  Alexandra became our co-ordinator and Tara was our travel agent.  Alexandra was on top of the details and had a very reassuring way about her.  She co-ordinated with our hotel and the wedding planner in Aruba and made sure everything was perfect.  Tara saw to it that our family was informed and took care of our flight and accommodation details.  As a result our family was able to sit relatively close to each other on the flights and at the hotel we all stayed close to each other on the same floor.     In the end our wedding was like a dream!  Thank you Alexandra, Tara and Luxe Destination Weddings!

By jroach, · 0 Comments

We used Luxe Destination Weddings for our January wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Our experience was great!!! We had Amanda Morris as our travel coordinator and she handled all the communication with our guests in regards to travel. She was very attentive and very helpful. It was nice to have someone else handling all the needs of our guests. I felt she took that worry off our shoulders. We then had Alexandra Campbell as our actual wedding planner. She was a huge help in the planning process and also came down to Mexico for the actual wedding. Alex was awesome from the start. I was undecided on a lot of the wedding details and she gave me a tons of insight on what she has seen in the past and what works well which was a huge help. She consisitantly sent me updates and always got back to me quickly. The best part of using their service was having her present for the wedding day. I felt like I could completely relax and enjoy the day instead of running around like crazy with the last minute details. We actually found out the day of that it was going to rain that evening so we moved the reception from the beach to a ballroom inside. I was worried at first because that isn't what we had in mind however it turned out great. Alex worked with the venue staff to give us a wonderful reception. I would recomment Luxe Destination Wedding to others. Thanks!!

By HighwayGirl33, · 0 Comments

When we decided to hire LUXE it was sort of an impulse decision, however, it turned out to be a great one. At the time we got engaged we both had been very busy with several jobs and not a lot of down time to do any wedding planning. First we were paired with Mandy to help us find the perfect resort. We had some tight budget constraints, and a long list of demands. Throughout all of that Mandy found us the perfect resort that all of our guests loved and not one person had anything bad to say about it.   Then we were paired with Tara to coordinate our 33 guests from all over Canada. It was so nice to be able to pass the buck onto her to handle anyone's problems, concerns, or issues. We felt that guests were constantly coming to us with their problems, but once we directed them to Tara, all their problems were solved by her and it was no stress for us to deal with at all.   Lastly, we had Alexandra who helped us bring all the wedding plans together. She knew all the right questions to ask and it helped us come up with a vision. She had a lot of suggestions and recommendations for us that we truly valued. She was able to introduce us to the wedding planner on-site at our resort and by that time all the details had been in place, it was only small details left for us to go over at the resort on location. When the day of our wedding came there was absolutely no oversights, nothing out of place, and everything was absolutely perfect. We were so happy with how smoothly everything went and we could not have asked for a better team to help us bring it all together.