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Riveria Maya Corridor
Wedding Jan. 13, 2012
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Gran Bahia Principe Coba All Inclusive

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By Cdunn514, · 1,092 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Location, Reception, Huge resort
Cons: Communication, timing, beds

Let me first say that our wedding was amazing and I would not have changed anything for the world, if you relax the day of and just know that everything will turn out you will be fine.




Well like most people say it is really hard to get them to respond to your emails. When I first booked the wedding 10 months in advance she was responding to my emails almost immediately and I didn't understand what everyone meant by it was hard to get a response. Then the closer we got to the wedding the longer it took to hear back from her which was very frustrating because you think that it would have been the other way around!




It was OK. My husband was not very happy with it. The service was kind of slow, the beds were like sleeping on rocks and the food was just OK. The rooms where nice enough, our wedding party was all in two buildings which was really nice. Since we had guests coming in everyday Sunday through Thursday, it was really easy for everyone to meet up with their rooms right next to each other. We had a towel animal I think only 2 of the nights, we had champagne when we arrived and chocolate dipped strawberries one night. All of our guests had random things like this also, some never received anything my In-laws got a new bottle of champagne every night, so I am not sure how they determine who gets what I think it is just the luck of the draw. I must say this resort is huge just like everyone says. I am glad it was big, with a group of people I didn't want to be on top of our guests and I wanted them to enjoy their vacations also. I think if we would have selected a smaller resort that is what would have happened.  The beach really is like a 5 min walk, and there are trolleys everywhere. Just be careful which ones you get on, the hubby and I ended up getting on one that took us across the street to the golf course! Oh well it was a nice little ride.


We also got a welcome letter and shirts our first day. The welcome letter would have been nice, but it had the wrong names and it was dated for April of the following year (our wedding was in January).


The bar service was really slow. We did give out Bubba Kegs to our guests which I highly recommend because the cups are small and the service is slow so it was nice not to have to go up to the bar as often. We went to the disco one night in the hacienda, that was a lot of fun. You have to not mind old men standing around staring at the dance floor watching everyone dance, but as long as you don't care about that it is a lot of fun.


I never watched any of the shows so I can not tell you how they were, the entertainment throughout the resort was good. It seemed like every night they had something going on which was nice the lobby bar had some entertainment which was fun.


The beach was nice, my husband did not like the big black things in the water to break the waves. There is a swing bar which is fun.


We had to make a pit stop in between pictures:





Like I said before the wedding was amazing!  We got ready in my parents room, I had his aunt do my hair and my aunt did my make up. It was kind of crazy in there with so many people but it worked.


My flowers turned out great, here is the picture I emailed the WC of what I wanted


thumbnail.aspx.jpg and this is what she I ended with:



this is along with my bridesmaids bouquets, I thought they did a great job, it was just like the picture I had sent.




We had ours at the hammock location and it was so pretty, it is a long walk "down the aisle" so I highly recommend going barefoot:




My only complaint about the ceremony was they messed up my music. I don't know if it was my fault or not because they claimed there was only one song on the CD i gave them, but after the ceremony was over I heard some of my other music was playing. My dad and I got half way down the isle and I realized it was the same song the bridesmaids walked down too. In the end it was not a big deal and we didn't have any music during our signing and it was the same song again when we exited. I had checked the Cd before had and it worked just fine so I don't know what the problem was, oh well. We were legally married here before we went so we just had the symbolic ceremony. The only people that knew were my parents, no one had any idea that it was not the "legal" ceremony. Here is a picture of our ceremony:



Resort Photographer:


OK, the pictures we got from them were good. However I felt like he was in the way, in the picture above you can see him behind the best man. I even noticed him a couple times and it was distracting. We brought a photographer from home and she was amazing! I kind of wish I would have just opted to not have the resort photographer take any pictures, but if you have them they do take good pictures they are just expensive.




We ate at portofino which ending up being very good. They used the centerpiece from the table at the ceremony as the centerpiece for our head table. we had the restaurant to ourselves for the first hour then other people started coming in but I really didn't realize it until we were getting ready to leave. Here is our head table:




The wait in between dinner and the pool part was kind of long, we were done eating and still had a half an hour before the other part was supposed to start, then they were not ready so we were all standing around the front of the restaurant just waiting for the OK. I was kind of annoyed but trying to not let it get to me.


The pool area was awesome:




We had DJ Bijian, he was so good! I highly recommend him, he was also cheaper then the resort photographer and spoke english really well. So after it took a while for us to even be able to get to the pool, then it took another about 20 min to get plates and napkins so we could cut the cake. We just went with the standard cake, I think we had the raspberry flavor, only two people ate pieces but they both said it was very good.




On the table we had the cake, we also brought a digital picture frame for a slide show, I thought it was a nice touch and everyone seemed to enjoy it




The bartenders were awesome the night of the reception. My husband asked if they could turn the jets on for the Jacuzzis and they did which was really neat. There is a dance floor but I think that we only did our first dance, dad/daughter, mother/son dance there, and then everyone ended up in the water dancing




Be careful if the bartender asks you if you want to do a "Sexy Tequila" shot here is what it might end up looking like:




Another thing that I was disappointed about was the after the wedding I had read several reviews that they do something special to your room... nothing was done in our room. Nothing at all, even on other nights we normally got something. Oh well it is not a big deal just a little disappointing.


All in all it was an amazing wedding. The resort was OK. I wouldn't have changed anything. I am sure I am forgetting something so, if you have any questions or want to see more pictures please feel free to PM me, I would be happy to answer anything!

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You looked beautiful! I love your dress. This is one of the resorts that i am considering, but still need to do more research. Did you contact the WC yourself from their website?


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