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By Jessamaka, · 280 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Quality, Efficient, attention to detail

First of all, I loved Derek and Lorena. I loved their personalities, I loved the rapport between us and between them, I love love love our wedding pictures, but most of all I love how they made me feel like they knew me and my tastes and what we were looking for.

Let me break it down for you



They went above and beyond normal communication of dates and times. They are experts in not only photography but weddings. When I hired them for only a few hours Lorena emailed me with a schedule that would fit everything that I wanted in before sunset. It was so stress free! I didn't have to guess how much time I would need to allot for group photos or the first look because it was already organised for me. And it was spot on.



They arrived at my hotel early and took a look around to find the best places for photos. I'm glad they did because they found some nice places that I didn't think of myself. The other thing that blew me away was their attention to detail. Yes they took beautiful shots of the shoes, flowers and jewellery, but I'm speaking more of how they treated my wedding not like just another one they were doing that week but like they knew me and what I wanted. I made a pinterest page with my favourite photos and I didn't realise it while they were directing the group to stand here or look that way, but they, without my asking, replicated all of my favourite compositions.



I don't want to talk money, but these guys are a steal. Book them before they realise just how good they are and start charging the same price as the other photographers in their category. I received 3 DVDs full of photos before I had even started my main course at the reception. Now I have the happy task of selecting my favourites so Derek can retouch and edit them. Which honestly there isn't much retouching needed. 90% are ready to print with no editing.



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