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What can I say, other than AMAZING!
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ClaudiaPhoto Wedding Photography

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By adridashanne, · 384 Views · 4 Comments

Pros: Professional, + Quality, Friendly, Affordable
Cons: Weather the day of the wedding, should've brought a touch-up bag

When I was researching photographers, Claudia was definitely in my list of top 3 'dream' photographers. My other 2 were Del Sol and Elizabeth Medina who both happened to be way out of my price range. We live in NYC, and I was not willing to have the same photography budget as a Manhattan wedding, if not more. Claudia was very reasonable for the quality and professionalism she provides. And also since I was, let's just say 'proactive', in booking for my wedding early, I lucked out and was able to get Claudia herself to shoot our day. WOW! I was in heaven and couldn't wait for the day to come!

On the day of the wedding, Claudia and her assistant (her brother), Armando, showed right on time. There was some minor confusion on shooting the boys getting ready, but I truly blame myself for having the rooms so far apart across the resort. The day was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And this includes working with Claudia. She did an amazing job handling my high-maintenance family and friends, not to mention the weather we were up against. We got married on one of the hottest days in June. The temp felt beyond 100+, everyone was sweating unbelievably. When I showed my photos to co-workers and extended family they couldn't believe how poised and polished everyone looked. You would never know how hot we really were! Another testament to how professional Claudia and her team are.

Claudia worked beyond her scheduled 7hrs, and even provided us all at the end of the reception with a quick mini slideshow of some AMAZING photos taken just a few hours beforehand. Breath-taking! Such an amazing touch to the wedding, my guests were in AWE and I didn't even plan it. One of the highlights of the day/night for sure.

Claudia provided everything in our contract/package in a timely manner. She worked with me closely on making everything as perfect as it could be and I couldn't thank her enough. Claudia was not only my photographer on the best day of my life, but she has really grown to be a friend.

Do not have any hesitations when booking Claudia and her team. I promise you the photos are everything you can imagine them to be. 

We were also very lucky to have hired Mike Cantarell (Claudia's husband) from Cancun Wedding Video for our videographer and it was perfect. Mike and Claudia, as expected, work wonderfully together. A great husband and wife team that deliver nothing short of perfection for one of the most important aspects when booking your wedding vendors.

On a side note: I would say the power team of wedding vendors that you can't go wrong with booking would be - Claudia Photo, Cancun Wedding Video, Sara Tamargo Makeup/Hair, DJ Doremixx (Ivan Gomez), and EW Cancun Events (Mayan Hospitality). They worked beautifully together for my wedding and I'd say you couldn't go wrong booking them for yours!





Great review. Thanks for sharing. We booked with Claudia's studio, but she isn't available on our day. So we booked with her associate/brother Erick. His portfolio looks amazing. I can't wait. I can also assure everyone that Claudia is a complete pro. She has been fantastic and very informative thus far.


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Just looked at your slideshow, the pictures are really beautiful, you are so flawless, and your dress ... that fit ... it's perfect for you ... everything put together is magical, congrats!


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