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  1. Has any one had a reception at zocalo? if so what is your review? do you have any pictures of it set up?
  2. I was wondering what it was like to have the wedding reception at spoon?? did you do your speeches there? was there room to dance? have your own music? if not what did you do after dinner?
  3. go to ikea and get curtains.. i bought 4 white and 2 blue sheer curtains for a total of $30. be mindful that there will be a set up fee!! however at the end of the day you will save money!
  4. Hey Cassidy When i was booking our wedding i was faced with the same questions. We ended up booking with Azul because we fell in love with the resort. The resort's programs are over the top, in terms of food, speciality drinks ,and the kids programs. I haven't done a site visit but a friend of mine went to view the grounds and said it was amazing. With that said...if we weren't having children at our wedding, looking back we would have gone to Jade resort because the price per person would have been at least $300 cheaper per guest. I am feeling a bit guilty for having our guest pay the extra amount because my partner and i fell in love with the resort and wanted to get married at Azul. If price is a concern for your guest i would pick jade. I have friends (couple in their 30's ) who stayed at jade and they liked it and would go back. If you have children coming to your wedding and the price isn't of much concern, pick Azul.. if your really stuck, look into what each resorts wedding packages offer and what additional things you have to purchase above and beyond the base wedding package. This is something i wish i had looked into before booking. the last thing to look into is the resorts photographer. Azul's onsite photographers (in my opinion) aren't great and you have to pay an "outside vendor fee of $800" to have another photographer on site. I am not too sure what jade has to offer. Also everyones taste is different, you might like what azul has to offer. either way you wont be disappointed. I hope this helps.. its really just my experience and reflecting on what i would have done differently. Mindy
  5. Did you buy your shells, vases and candles in mexico?
  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures... they are great!
  7. Hello i am getting Married at Azul Nov 9, 2012! to answer your question you have to get a photographer and videographer seperately. the resort supplies two different photographers for a fee. you can also bring your own. Is there anyone who is bringing a photographer on nov 5-12 2012 ? It might be nice for the photographer to work twice while he/she is in mexico! I dont love the resorts provided photographers. The added $800 dollars to bring in an additional photography is a little over the top. Thank you all the brides and brides to be for your great advice... its very helpful in this planning process!! and Congrats to all of you!
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