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ROR Wedding Review 9-10-11 (very long)
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RIU Ocho Rios All Inclusive

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By Soon2BNJersey, · 1,887 Views · 5 Comments

Pros: Beautiful Resort
Cons: No Room Service

ROR Wedding Review 9/10/11 (LONG)






Hey Ladies, I am a new MRS!!!

Happy as ever and ready to answer any questions that my fellow brides may have about the resort.  My professional pics will be ready soon for me to post. Here goes:




The resort was beautiful; no pictures could ever do it justice.  Its detailed design allows the ocean breeze to reach you at all times.  However be prepared for intense humidity!!We had no problem with making reservations for specialty restaurants we just walked to the desk in the lobby and made all of our reservations for the week when we checked in.  DONE!



After reading some of the reviews I was skeptical of the service.  In my opinion the service was excellent.  Keep in mind there are over 800 rooms.  Some things did take a while but not as bad as some people are saying. When in doubt press “9” and call the desk they will take care of it.  Everyday my room was spotless with a towel creation place on the bed. I tipped my maid a few dollars a day and she was on point! Service ALWAYS came with a smile, no sassy remarks or attitudes, very polite and respectful.


Our Suite  Room 1161 near the quiet pool

After receiving a free upgrade from a junior suite to a suite we know now that anyone getting married there should get the SUITE! If you had a group of 32 like me, there were frequent gatherings and it was ample room and seating to get ready, also a huge balcony that ironically overlooked the beach gazebo.  I had a front row seat to all weddings done there during my stay.  And my photographer got some great shots from up above.

(this is not my wedding)







St. Ann’s -Breakfast and Dinner is served here all buffet style of course.  I would say Breakfast was the most enjoyable meal for me.  They had fresh fruit, omelets, meats and they even juiced fresh fruits and veggies every morning (mango, cucumber, beets, carrots, watermelon…and more) I really appreciated the options at St Ann’s over all the other places.  


Dinner at St. Ann’s was good also.  It had a few Jamaican dishes (wow), soups, salads, cheeses, and simple things like burgers and hot dogs if you choose.  After about a week you get a lil tired of the buffet food overall it was good.  It was also my fiancé’s bday so my girl Stephanie (my favorite server in St. Ann’s) had them bring a birthday cake to our room with a birthday note, it was a nice surprise. And she made sure she greeted me EVERY SINGLE MORNING to check on us.  Excellent service! We gave her like a 30 dollar tip at the end, and she smiled so hard I think her jaw might have broken. LOL She took good care of us and she earned it.


Plantation - Well, I was not moved at all, we ate there once, and my fiancé’ got sick needless to say we never returned.  If you wanna pick up a quick bite after swimming this is where you go, burgers, salad, wings, pizza, and so on.  All of the food tasted the same and it was so close to the trees that all u saw were birds around you while u eat, St. Ann’s was closed in with white linen tablecloths, Plantation is more open no windows. 


Mamee Bay Steakhouse -I enjoyed it a lot, u do the soup and salad bar, and order your meal, there are only a few entrees to choose from I have the menu if you would like me to email.  I heard a few brides say that the steak here is tough and undercooked.  Wrong! Tell em’ how you would like it; I enjoyed it the 3 nights out of 10 that I ate it. 


Mandalay -This was supposed to be an Asian-themed restaurant but the sushi was nothing to talk about C- Some things were overcooked, very bland. 


Tushimi -we enjoyed the food and sushi here. Much better quality than Mandalay.  Loved the fried ice cream and loved the intimate setting. WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU IN ADVANCE: In order to dine here Men are required to wear pants. No shorts or they won’t be admitted!


Sports Bar – had a small casino, pool tables, &computers (have to purchase time from the gift shop $9US/36minutes). After 11:00pm this is the only place that you can find food until breakfast in the AM!!! And it is awful.  They have a popcorn maker with no butter only salt and usually burnt.  Nachos with cheese that you have to heat up in the microwave. Finally in the fridge are a few sandwiches and burgers just plain.  Ewww.  On one day I had to tell the staff that there were ants around the popcorn and nachos.  Needless to say again. We never ate down there again.  There are snacks in the gift shop if u wanna pay $1 US for a bag of chips or $2 US for a granola bar.


Piccolla Pizzeria – decent for lunch, pizza, salad bar, desserts ice cream, pasta, closest to the lobby for food options.  Next door is Sir Richard (gourmet dining for deluxe suites only) and then St. Ann’s.


And finally (drum roll please)……………


The Jerk Chicken Hut – Located on the beach near the Plantation restaurant is this Pink Hut that makes the BEST CHICKEN, STEAK, AND SAUSAGE, THAT I HAVE EVER TASTED!!  They are on the resort and only open a few hours a day. I have no idea what his hours are but there is always a line.  TRUST ME get in that line!! LOL  WE did lunch here every day without a complaint.




Wedding Coordinators (Keisha and assistant)

Despite my frustration and disagreements with Keisha thru this experience they did a damn good job!  I had my meeting with her the day after I arrived we went over the arrangements, I had to point out her price corrections via email (bring your emails!!) and we were set, it took 15 mins!


On the wedding day I noticed that I forgot the tea lights candles for the table AND my flowers for the gazebo.  I ran into Keisha at 9am and told her of my dilemma she gathered some flowers from the resort and set them up for free.  She also looked in her drawer and found some replacement tea candles for me to use along with some rose petals still free !


NOTE: Fake rose petals on the beach are NOT ALLOWED.      



We did not hire a steel drum band, and I didn’t see a single bride waste their money on that either.  They set up outdoor speakers with a sound system that is clear and perfect.  U can either use the music they have or bring your own.  If you bring your own be sure to name and number them.  We did CD1 some  nice smooth jazz and labeled in pre-ceremony.  Then CD2; Ceremony Music for when we our entrance.  I have some sound engineering experience so mixed my music for the bridal party with my song so all they had to do was hit play when the best man gave them the cue.  For the sand ceremony and signing of the certificate I told them to fill the extra time with some nice island music.  No worries



It was fun, no stress at all.  Ladies, half the stuff you worry about doesn’t matter.  Shed half of the décor that you are trying to bring.  It will go unnoticed the beach is why you decided to marry there in the first place. Keep it simple! Too much décor looks cluttered. A standard Isle runner would fit just fine and again for ROR they must be real petals!! Chair sashes look nice and flowers on the gazebo.  That’s it! That’s all u need.


Our ceremony was at 3pm.  Great time! Anything before that is sunny, hot, and your guests will probably hate you for picking that time LOL.  Keisha’s assistant came to our door at 2:57 to take us down. My room’s location was perfect it was one short walk down the stairs and I was right at the walkway toward the wedding location. I got to see my guests arrive (while peaking) and hear the music, so I experienced the whole wedding from start to finish. 


After the minister said I now pronounce you husband and wife. It immediately started pouring! We ran under the nearby tree to take shelter. They covered me with a tablecloth and then we made a run for it to mamee bay.  The whole time I was laughing hysterically because although everyone was soaked we sat in mamee signing our marriage certificate and they all had the biggest smiles on their faces.  It was a happy moment and no one complained about the 5 min rain shower. As soon as we singed and took a pic, it was sunny again and we returned to the gazebo for rum punch and pictures, dancing and music.  And up in the sky appeared a rainbow. While we were taking pics a bird decided to leave some droppings on my dress. Most brides would flip out, but again it came right off and me and the hubby laughed.  We got rained on (good luck) crapped on (good luck) and rainbow (maybe more good luck).  I then changed in to my reception dress…time to unwind!









I did NOT use Michael instead I paid to fly my  photographer in from Thursday – Sunday for the same price that I would have paid Michael for 1 hour and about 100 pics.  HA!!!  I got pics anytime I wanted them and he shot our engagement pics and knows us very well. 




Semi – Private dinner at Mamee Bay

As we took pictures my family was setting up the table for the reception dinner.  I used real-touch calla lilies for the bouquets and then had them taken apart to be used for centerpieces.  I placed the callas in cylinder vases that I bought from the dollar tree. (HINT – the cylinder vases look a lot like the tall glasses at the bar.  They look identical just a thought??) I had 32 people (including me and my husband)  as u can see space is limited, forget the sashes, chair covers, table runners…just some nice flowers (get some use out of those bouquets) maybe some candles.  AND all 32 people got done dinner at exactly 8:30.




Private Disco Rental from 8:30-10:30

$600 for two hours was well worth it.  I am glad that we didn’t do the beach party, I brought tons of glow sticks and bracelets, even the waiters wanted some so I gladly obliged.  Right after dinner we all went over, kids and all to the disco.  It was dark with mirrors a bar, and lots of LED lights so the party got started right away!  We didn’t do a first dance or bouquet toss, (all to be done at our AHR back home) we just let our hair down and partied.  The DJ allowed us to add a few things and hook up my mp3 but he was doing just fine.  Our time was to end at 10:30 but they let us go till 11:00.  The public was allowed to come in at 11 too and the party got even bigger. By 2:00am we were tired!!! And u you know the rest LOL




Beach party

I saw a few people do a beach party at Seagrape but they had to pay per person and pay for a dj too expensive when you can hear the noise from the stage up above along with your  music.  If I pay for privacy that’s what I expect.  That option was just not for me.




  • Keep some singles handy for tipping.  You’re not supposed to tip, but when you do they take care of you allll week. We got into mamee bay one night without a reservation because of this.
  • Bring sneakers or comfortable walking shoes.  We counted to walk from the quiet pool to the other side of the resort is like 1000 steps.
  • Bring DEEP WOODS OFF WITH DEET – at night the mosquito’s attack LOL we even brought a citronella candle for the balcony.
  • Lots and lots of sun block, strong sun block…especially if you go on the catamaran tour to the duns river falls/snorkeling
  • There is no internet in the hotel rooms, just the lobby (free).  If you need to use the internet u must purchase time from the gift shop and log on in the sports bar.  ($9US/36 min)
  • Don’t drop or spill anything in your room unless u want to see ants, it wouldn’t hurt to pack a small can of bug spray. We only had one incident where someone spilled a bear outside of our room.
  • Ignore what you hear on the weather channel.  We were there during hurricane season and they predicted 60% chance of rain the whole week, it rained 3x in 10 days and all lasted for about 5-10 minutes. 
  • There are only irons and hair dryers in the junior suites and the deluxe suites.  The double rooms don’t have them.
  • Bring a watch – there are NOT clocks anywhere! Or u can just forget about time LOL
  • Men – bring pants in case u want to dine in some specialty restaurants they are required.
  • When you check in take pictures and check everything.  IF ANY damage occurs let them know right away.  Upon departure if an item is unable to be repaired they will require that you pay for it before letting you checkout.
  • Go with the flow… that is the overall theme of the resort.  Don’t get so hung up on your wedding plans and expensive OOT bags. All we gave was water bottles for drinks, a Jamaica booklet about the island, a welcome letter and some snacks.  If something doesn’t go right, it’s not the end of the world.  Have fun…



If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or my email: erandall678@yahoo.com


Happy Planning!

~Ericka (Soon2BNJersey)


Here is our wedding highlight slideshow with more pics:




Omg!!! everything was so pretty and I had tears rolling when watching your video when Teddy Pendergrass song played that is our first dance song that we picked awwww so sweet I love it


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