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    May 16, 2018
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    Royalton Riviera Maya Cancun
  1. its all very overwhelming.. lol I used destinationswedding.com they showed me a bunch of resorts ( all inclusive ) and the more options I saw the harder it is to make a decision of where do I really want to get married... anyways I ended up choosing Royalton Riviera Maya, and thanks to my wedding coordinator she made it super smooth,... just be aware of the prices of the packages and how many people does it include and the reviews of that particular resort... cant go wrong with any of them im sure.. anyways good luck!
  2. hiiii... I'm also a 2018 bride... may 2018 to be exact. and yea the more resorts you look the more options and the harder your decision will be.. however I don't think you can go wrong with any to be honest.. im getting married at Royalton Riviera Maya ( the wedding packages were perfect for what I wanted ).... my booking was super smooth, and all the rooms have been booked already... now I just feel like I got too much time in my hands for the actually planning. maybe start looking for a dress? color palettes ? flowers? I still have plenty of time I think .. Anyways GOOD LUCK !
  3. @@futuremrs2018 Hiii I'm also getting married at Royalton Riviera but may 2018... im super excited and anxious and yea not sure what else I should be doing.. start looking for a dress? ..maybe its too soon for that... my rooms are booked and I got my locations ... now just wait lol..
  4. Hi, I'm Anabel and I'm getting married May 16, 2018 and I will love to hear from different brides that are getting married in the same resort or that have in the past, just to get some tips or what to expect, and maybe to share this fun exciting adventure.. I have booked the beach for our ceremony and cocktail hour and the reception is at the Sky terrace which im very excited about...
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