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  1. @@phoenixbride of course I do not mind. My friend was married at the excellence in cancun, so I reached out to him and his wife they told me everything and then mentioned that the wedding coordinator decided to start her own company. It's amazing since she loves there she can actually go to the resorts me and negotiate in person. Etc. I can send you her info if you'd like. @@amberjay00 Thailand. That is going to be gorgeous!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Congrats
  2. @@Johnsonspartyof2 haha that's exactly me! I've "decided" on now four places. That's why I decided to go the planner route. She's not affiliated with any resort and can give me her honest opinion. It's hard choosing when I'm here not there.
  3. Hey fellow brides, any ladies planning their 2018 wedding? I've been engaged for over a year now (shhh I know absolutely ridiculous ????) I finally started planning and decided on a destination wedding. I'm 99% sure we're doing Generations Riviera Maya. How everyone's planning going? Mines gone easy thus far, I was lucky enough to snag a wedding planner who lives in Mexico!! ???? Hope to hear from some brides who are planning!! -stacey
  4. Wedding wedding wedding

  5. I'm actually reading backwards to see what was posted, my wedding planner sent me over a beginning proposal last night, with information, she said I could save 800$ using GRMs dj, but I can't seem to find reviews on them. Also, decor wise I'm trying to go minimal with it still looking beautiful any suggestions? Who did yalls hair and make up, and how much did the rooms on average cost your guests? Since we're doing destination even though it's all inclusive I don't want them spending an arm and a leg. Clearly as you can see I'm a scatter brain. Trying to get everything down and organized.
  6. Hi all!! Just googling info on this venue for a destination wedding, and came across this thread, to those who have been married here can you send me some info? It's hard to find stuff online. Thank you!! Stacey
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