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  1. Hi everyone! I’ll be getting married at Dreams Tulum, Mexico in a few months. I have been doing some research to find fun/different forms of entertainment for our guests. One of which is called mojigangas (large dancing puppets) I am trying to find a company that offers this but not having too much luck since it’s more common in a different part of Mexico. Has anyone heard of this or do you know of somewhere I can contact to hire them?? Thank you and happy planning ladies!
  2. Hi ladies!! I'm new to the site and still trying to get the hang of it. Our wedding date is scheduled for May 5 at Dreams Tulum. We've never been to the resort so we're hoping it's what we wanted. I'm curious if anyone getting married around that time frame will be hiring an outside photographer? If so, who? I have a cousin who got married a few years ago and used this forum to find her photographer as well as other brides getting married around the same time so they were able to split the cost of flying the photographer out. I would love to hear from you ladies! Good luck!
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