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  1. Thanks Kat, they don't we got married on Saturday it was amazing!!! Thank you for all your help. We're still here enjoying the sunshine.
  2. Hi, Just thought I'd Share if anyone is having any doubts my wedding on Saturday was absolutely amazing! It went just as planned no trials required really well organised. I'm still her in Mexico for another week enjoying the sun so will write a review when I get back.
  3. Thanks Kat for the quick response, also sorry for got to say do they add Vat (tax) onto the final bill? Just so I work out how much to pre load the card with
  4. Hi Kat thank you for all you help on this you have been great. One final question when you paid the bill for all the wedding charges did they present this in USD and could you pay in USD or did they convert to pesos? I am taking a Thomas Cook travel card which would be loaded with dollers however wasn't sure if the final bill was in pesos. Kind regards
  5. Thank you Kat for your detailed review and photos, I have 6 weeks left before we depart to Mexico to get married, and your review has really helped! on the little things like a cake topper, and favor ideas not that I have much room left on my weight allowance. My main concern is my make up, I'm not very good at this myself did you make your appointment once you got there? I am so glad I changed my date to get the Gazebo it looks amazing it meant I couldn't have my 1st choice resturant (grand tourga) but the ceremony photos you have posted just confirmed I definitely have done the right thing.
  6. Hi Akumal2016, I'm guessing those links are just what I'm looking for but I need to post 150 times to see them thank you anyway:( xx
  7. Hi Kaitlynb21, I wondered if you heard anything regains prices for videographers/ photographer? I have emailed tropic one last week asking for packages they offer and and price guide but not heard anything back. Have just chased them but wondered if you found any information out. Georgina
  8. Umm I was thinking we may have a party when we get back! Nothing booked yet though. Reading a few other posts on here the photography is quite expensive so I'm trying to factor in for that aswell as want lots of pics and a video too. ( watched one on you tube of a recent wedding looks fab) Kids want to swim with dolphins, also want to see turtles and day out to play a del Carmen so there is lots to think about. We get married on 3rd June @ Gazebo at 3pm looks amazing. Can not wait.
  9. Hi, Yes 1 of your Alcarte is used as a meal for guests, this is semi private only ( so there holiday guests will be in restaurant only drinks in restaurant is part of all inclusive however you only get the restaurant for 2hrs only you then get charged by the hour $300. I am requesting after the dinner to have a private reception for 2 hrs after. There are not many of us 12 in total to have this you pay $250 to privatize then you have to select a drinks package the cheapest is $6 per person per hour cocktails only. So in theory your paying for waiter to serve just your party. How many guests do
  10. Hi Jaimemccallion, Congratulations to you first of all! I was a bit worried at first but think I've got the hang it now. As I understand it if you are having a legal wedding and you do NOT require your parents name on wedding certificate the below needs to be supplied:- •Blood tests ( in resort $95 each) •Green cards ( you get these on arrival in mexico) •Passports •4 Witnesses If you require your parents names on marriage certificate the below needs to be supplied •All the above and • Birth certificates (Long version) the birth certificates need to be legalised by t
  11. Thank you so much Melaniesum you have been so helpful! Congratulations on your wedding hope you had a fantastic time. Wow the photography is a little on the expensive side! Unfortunately the person back home who is a professional in the family is unable to come so may have to use the hotels : ( Just one more question do they still have the beach party on a Saturday do you know ? Originally the wedding date we had was Mon 5th and read somewhere that they have a beach party at hotel on Saturdays ? Was going to go for my hen do but they changed the wedding date to Saturday so that throw
  12. Hi, On count down now to wedding in June 2017! Have just received wedding pack from Thomas Cook. Does anybody know what restaurants are linked to Tulum for wedding meal? We are only a small wedding party (12 in total) possibly a few more max 4 but not confirmed yet. With only a small party wouldn't mind a little area where we could hire sound equipment for a couple of hours after meal with drinks is this possible ? Has anyone had thier make up done by the hotel? I'm confident I can do my hair ( ex hairdresser) but not so with make up but don't want it caked on just looking
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