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  1. My husband and I were married in a legal ceremony in Mexico May 29. We have been waiting for our marriage documents to arrive and since i hadn't hear anything, I emailed beauty weddings who was in charge of the legal ceremony. I was informed by them that as a Canadian couple, the only document we needed was the one received on the wedding day with our finger prints on it! The only problem is: we were never given any documents! Obviously never having been married in Mexico, we had no idea we were supposed to receive these. We had only ever been told the documents would arrive 3 months after
  2. Hi brides:) I'm getting married at GSP May 2017 and was considering having Rose by Dahena. For those of you who used them, did you just go into Playa Del Carmen with all your bridesmaids? If so, did you just take a taxi early in the morning? Or did you find a way around the "no outside vendor" policy? I emailed my WC and she said no outside vendors at all other than photographers Any info would be so helpful! Thanks ladies
  3. Hi everyone! I realize this thread is a little dated but hopefully the past brides still check in once in a while:) I'm considering renting from Love and Lace but Im wondering if any past brides had issues with the resort? I feel like so many brides have probably rented from Katy that they realize now where my décor would be coming from I just don't want to rent a bunch of stuff and then be hit with a big fee from the resort (Im getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess) Any brides have any experience with this? thank you
  4. @@MichelleOKeefe When are you getting married? We are booked for May 29 2017 and booked the private beach dinner/reception! Have you made any decisions about your reception?
  5. Hi everyone! We are getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess in May 2017! We were considering bringing our centrepieces down with us (to save money since centrepieces are so expensive at the resort). We were thinking a simple mason jar with flowers? Not 100% sure yet. I'm wondering if anyone waited until they were at the resort and go into the markets or Walmart to get centrepiece decor? I'm just trying to decide if it would be easier to get it there or just check an extra suitcase and pack everything in there! Thanks!!
  6. I'm glad to have found an updated GSP forum! We will be getting married here May 2017!! I haven't gotten very far in the planning yet but we have decided on the ceremony at the Sunset Gazebo and a private beach dinner/reception! The beach Reception is a bit pricier ($85us per person) but so worth it since it's something we both really wanted!! @@BexA your wedding is much closer! Have you made decisions on everything.?
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