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  1. Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for the information on ballrooms and room blocks. @@tiffanyt If the room was right in front of the terrace then it was likely in Salon Room A or B. I honestly go back and forth between that and Saint Andrews. @@Royaldestinations Thanks for the heads up! Just requested to join. The only thing I'm regretting now is not doing that make-up trail on my speedy trip down there. Man! I do have a person back home that I can go with but I'd have to cover her travel and lodging costs to it can really add up. I'll see if I can ask the group about their experience with the m
  2. @@tiffanyt THANK YOU for this wonderful update!!!! I am so happy to hear such a glowing review from a recent Ziva bride. : ) :) It's getting me even more excited about the wedding! Hopefully you can sort out a point person for your group. My sister in law was more than happy to do it especially since her husband is the best man and her immediate family wont be there. So it's a nice opportunity for her to be a floater while doing what she loves - organizing and weddings. Maybe if you have a guest in the same position (spouse of someone in the bridal party without kids) then they may be up for
  3. @@tiffanyt thanks SO much for sending the additional photos you found, especially since it has shots of the terrace. I'm hoping it becomes available, but the more I think about my vision for the decks the more excited I get for that option too! @@Kcusack89 so glad that you found even better flights and prices for January. Both you and @@tiffanyt are getting married in very comfortable months weather-wise in my opinion. I was there in May and it was absolutely perfect. We have to have our wedding in the summer for various reasons (school teacher in law, sister having a baby in april, the w
  4. @@Kcusack89 January is a great time to visit, you are doing the big day preview so the hotel rate will be the same right? Also ladies, I thought it might be good to just share any Hyatt Rose Hall wedding pictures/videos we come across online. Here's one I just found: Denise Mason I still like this one better, which I think is currently the most popular online: In His Image I'm hoping to find and share additional photos of weddings here as more brides discover and book this venue. Also, here is information on cruise timetables around the world. I would imagine that popular attra
  5. The rooms: I keep comparing them to the rooms I've seen and stayed in at the Luxury Bahia Príncipe in RB which were huge and pretty much came with a welcome bag - Appleton rum, coffee, and a huge goodie bag of souvenirs if you are willing to listen to the vacaction club pitch. The rooms at Hyatt were smaller and not as glam but well-appointed nonetheless. I liked that they are keeping the classic looking pineapple lamps in the older models. My fiancé is more discerning when it comes to these things but he made the excellent point of how comfy the beds were. So comfortable that we actually cons
  6. @@Kcusack89 glad the photos helped! I moved the album to a private link now because I may use them on my wedding website. We are still working out the date, pro/conning a date in july versus aug but should know soon. I just showed my fiance the pics again and he actually likes the idea of a reception on the decks (good idea @tiffanyt) if we cant get the terrace. I wasn't expecting him to be so open to it so I think we just may go with that now. Decisions, decisions!
  7. The pictures wont upload to my gallery for some reason so I put up a temporary album EDit: @@tiffanyt send me a message and I'll give you the link for pics. I didnt have time to do a make-up trial unfortunately. So hair and makeup is a big thing I'll still need to figure out. Also, regarding our cocktail hour, right now we are planning for the decks. I think we'll forgo live entertainment for the cocktail hour and just have music - reggae vibes and sunset should set the mood for the reception. I haven't quite yet decided on DJ and other vendors yet but doing a lot of research on that today.
  8. Ladies!!! This week went by in a blink. My visit was wonderful! It was short but it definitely was well wroth it and I got all the information I needed to make a decision. We are saying yes to Hyatt! I wont be having my ceremony at the sky deck anymore, instead I want to have the ceremony at the wedding gazebo. It's so nice! Plus, the sky deck would require extra decor in my opinion and it's just one less thing to worry about. They had a wedding going on the Saturday we were there so it was perfect. We got to catch a peek here and there of the different set-up options and day-of planning
  9. @@brierito - congrats and welcome to this forum!! I stayed at Runaway Bay in May while researching venues for our wedding in jamaica and was actually totally surprised with the Luxury Grand Bahia. We originally booked the Grand Bahia and were upgraded to the Luxury Don Pablo Collection upon arrival. Let me say this - you will not be disappointed in the hotel for your stay. We had a blast! But the weddings department leaves much to be desired. Information on the Emerald Package is slow to arrive. In truth I think they are still putting it together details to justify cost differences in having a
  10. @@Kcusack89 thanks so much. I am using Travel Zap. Briana, my agent, has been excellent so far. The company is also based in Chicago. Cant believe I will be seeing the place this weekend. Expectations are high but Im trying to go into it with an open mind.
  11. Hey Ladies! Just a quick update to say thanks so much for your feedback. Been looking at recent trip advisor reviews and many have mentioned construction going on. So looks like the rumors might be true - updates are happening at the hotel so the rates we locked in are quite good and we can expect an even better resort next year. @@tiffanyt I would maybe mention to any guests complaining about the room prices that the value is really quite good considering that I dont think you will find much cheaper in Montego bay at an all-inclusive rate unless you are opting for the Holiday Inn (no judge
  12. @tiffanyt @@Kcusack89 Hi Ladies, The last couple of days have been so hectic. In truth I am freaking out a bit. I like the look of Hyatt Ziva so far and we were able to get a date next summer penciled in. My fiance and parents felt like it was important that we see the resort before booking so we are going there NEXT weekend (Sept 24-25). I was feeling really good about the whole thing until I read reviews about the standard hotel rooms at the Ziva. I dont want my guests to fly all the way to Jamaica to be met with paint peeling walls, outdated fixtures, broken a/c and elevators th
  13. @@yardiegyal $9000?? was that in USD or a different currency?
  14. @@tiffanyt thanks for starting this thread! @@Kcusack89 if you could share any info you have after the Big Day preview I'd be so grateful. I'd also love to see the wedding packet that many have talked about with floral arrangements and set up options. I have been going back and forth on having a destination wedding in Jamaica because I couldnt decide on a venue. I recently looked into Hyatt Ziva and am really excited that it may be the place! Hoping to book soon so we can help each other plan. Planning for a July 2017 wedding.
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