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  1. I decided to go with Tai Flora Ocho Tios because of their responsiveness in comparison to other rental conpanies on the island. What a disaster! Ms Wisdom per her email decided to select which flowers for me despite me sending her dozens of inspirational images. The reception should have been set up by three but even at 6pm the flowers weren't even on the table. They were painting the Queen Anne"s white table the morning of which caused the caterers not to be able to set the table till late. On top of me and my guests having to deal with a sticky table top from being recently painted. The shade of purple was incorrect in the flowers and despite repeatedly telling her tropical and that I did not want a roses and hydrangeas centerpiece that's what she made. Smh. But the disaster didn't stop there. I asked for a white dance floor what I got wasn't white and was buckling in one area a guest tripped and hurt themselves. The sweetheart chair she sent me a picture of and I told her I did t like.. What did I get? The same sweetheart chair.. Then we come to my phals bouquet which somehow ended up having hydrangeas in it. Never once did I tell her nor the pictures state that I wanted hydrangeas. But her final response to was she doesn't go based on pictures but on what she feels the bride"s budget can afford. Well I think she gave us $3000 worth for the $9000 we spent!
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