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  1. I purchased most of my items on Amazon. They cam in bulk sizes and I'm a prime member, so free shipping.
  2. So excited to hear about your review. I'm getting married there in about 3 weeks. We have the beach booked for the wedding ceremony but contemplating changing to the fountain also. I think we'll wait to get there to make the final decision but really glad to hear everything went well for you. Congratulations!
  3. I'm really interested in printing these for my destination wedding welcome bags. I'm new to the site and don't have enough posts yet. Any chance you can send these via email? Thanks!!
  4. Hi community, I'm a bride getting married in a few weeks at Now Larimar in the Dominican Republic. I'm completing work on my welcome bags and love the idea of printing spanish phrases for guests. I wanted to download a file from another thread but I need more points so that I can access. If you have any ideas - please send them my way! Thank you, Kara
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